Ghost » 22 issues

    Volume » Published by Dark Horse Comics. Started in 1998.

    Volume 2. Ongoing series published between 1998-2000.

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    Second volume and ongoing series starring Ghost.

    * V2, #1-6: Elisa learns from the mysterious Concordia Leveche that she is not really dead. Instead, her "death" is linked to Scythe and Trouvaille, who have been running experiments through which souls are stripped from bodies, the souls "rendered" and then replaced with beings from another dimension. Trouvaille captures Elisa and shows her the tape. From the tape, she learns that she was a killer for Crux, that Trouvaille, aided by Scythe, tried ripping Elisa's soul from her body, but in the middle of the procedure, Cameron Nemo briefly appeared. Then, Elisa vanished. Silhouette is shown to be back in control of Margo's body while Margo's soul awaits rendering. Elisa escapes and fights Silhouette, who escapes, still in control of Margo's body. Elisa then kills Trouvaille. Elisa also has learned that Focus was in league with Trouvaille and soon discovers the same about Peter. She suggests Peter kill himself, while Focus informs Elisa that Elisa used to be one of the Furies. Soon, Elisa finds Cameron Scythe. Nemo, who reveals that as a part of Elisa's subconscious, he has always known her, is sent back to Elisa's hell. Margo, now a being like Elisa, appears and shoots Scythe through the skull, killing him.

    * V2, #7-15: Elisa, Concordia and Margo go to Hoyo Grande to ask King Tiger for help. Instead, they end up helping a very down and out Tiger regain his mojo and battle the shapeshifting "Szothstromael" clan. Elisa also has a revelatory encounter with the Man From the Vortex, who "reboots" her brain. This allows Elisa to recall that her real father, Dan Deerlane, was shot down by her adoptive father, in front of her eyes, when she was very young and that the pain of this deadened her to that of others, leading to her living the life of a Fury assassin. Silhouette returns, having used Trouvaille's technology to transfer more beings into the bodies of Scythe's remaining followers. Sent as ghost-hunters, they attack Elisa and her friends. Upon Failing, Trouvaille, whose body is dead yet whose essence now exists within his armor, joins them to take down Elisa and fulfill his experiments. They take Margo and Concordia, but Peter returns to aid Elisa in her battle. Margo's body is recovered, Silhouette is defeated and Trouvaille, along with the hunters, appear to be disposed of. Giving Peter a solid "get lost" Elisa leaves with her newly "re-alive" sister.

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