Ghost » 36 issues

    Volume » Published by Dark Horse Comics. Started in 1995.

    Volume 1. Series published between 1995-1998.

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    First volume.

    Special, X 8, V1 #1-12: Elisa Cameron is dead. She has a sister, Margo Cameron, with whom she slowly reconciles and moves in with, as well as two recently sober parents, who are eventually murdered by a shadowy psionic that seems to know something about her past as a reporter, apparently slain over a story she was covering. Her natural weakness is jade, which keeps her from "ghosting" out and being able to pass through objects. She discovers she has the ability to teleport ("jump"), but must cross a sort of " Hell" to do so. Elisa faces a series of psionics, led by Dr. October, a woman who wanted to eliminate Elisa for being beautiful even in death. Elisa also must deal with a demon, Cameron Nemo, which escapes from her "hell", causing much destruction, before the aid of King Tiger helps her defeat the demon. Elisa also learns that her jumps, her Hell, even Nemo, are all a construct of her own imagination. Elisa begins a slow introduction to Peter, a man she sees visiting the graveyard. Elisa's teamup with Barb Wire, a bounty hunter from Steel Harbor, results in Elisa receiving a warning that Archibald Scythe, a psionic from her past, is coming for her. Margo falls under Scythe's spell while an all-female paranormal team, the Furies, combines with Elisa to take him down. Margo, driven by rage, summons up strange "shade-like" tears, which defeat Scythe but cost Margo her life.

    * V1, #13-25: Crux, the man responsible for the deaths of Elisa's parents, unleashes the shape-shifting Miasma on Elisa. This creates a panic in the underworld. On a personal note, Miasma, before being dispatched, seriously injures Peter, whom Elisa had begun caring about. Cameron Nemo escapes from Hell and takes over Scythe's body, always lurking around the corner for Elisa. Aided by X, King Tiger and Focus, the leader of the Furies, Elisa discovers a tape exists with evidence of her death. Elisa traces the tape to Crux, who is planning to invade a secret city beneath Arcadia and recover a key which will give him immense power. With the help of her three companions, Elisa aids the " Goblins" who live in the secret city and defeats Crux, who, just prior to his death, admits he has been behind everything from her parents' murders, to the psionic hunters and Elisa's own slaying. Elisa then assumes the mantle of the Sentinel of Arcadia.

    * V1, #26-36: Dr. October resurfaces, but is quickly defeated. Peter and Elisa begin to slowly move towards a relationship, while Elisa, aided by the Goblins, tries to protect the city. Elisa encounters Dr. Trouvaille, who experiments with the spirits of his victims and calls her "the failed one" hinting he knows secrets Crux didn't reveal. Margo, somehow alive and possessed by a being known as Silhouette, attempts to destroy Arcadia, but is saved by Elisa.


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