Ghost Widow

    Character » Ghost Widow appears in 5 issues.

    Originally an Arachnos Night Widow agent, Belladonna was a master spy, excelling in stealth, disguise and infiltration.

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    Major Story Arcs

    During mission on Mercy Island, she died leading a strike force against a meddlesome member of the prominent crime syndicate, The Family. Not only was the mission a failure, but the majority of the strike force perished, including Belladonna. It is known that there was one sole survivor, the leader of the Wolf Spider squad, Paulo Marino. A faithful and loyal servant of Belladonna, he has been disfigured and transformed into the brute now known as Wretch.

    Belladona is one of a number of ghosts who continue to interact with the living. Far more active to other known ghosts such as War Witch and the Woodsman, she continues to play an important part for Lord Recluse.

    Like with other ghosts, there are reasons to why they refuse to move on. Whether it is for revenge, love or unfinished business, once it has been concluded, their anchor will finally disappear. It is believed her ties with Arachnos keep her anchored to our realm and it is only if Arachnos is destroyed will she finally disappear from this world.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dark Miasma

    Dark Blasts



    Life Drain

    Phase Shift

    Soul Tentacles

    As a former Arachnos Night Widow, Belladonna utilises skills in stealth, disguise and infultration.

    Ghost Widow is no longer one with the living, however with sheer concentration and focus, she is capable of affecting the material realm. When she does so this is the only time when she can be harmed.


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