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Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire #1

I quite enjoyed this. The concept of someone killing the anti-christ is a little overdone though. Although it does say Ghostriders I believe I only saw one Ghostrider in this issue. I like that at the beginning it told you a little of what has been going on in Ghostrider's world, that helped with any confusion I had when reading the story. The idea of the story is very very very simple - anti-christ is wandering around somewhere completely unprotected and Ghostrider has to go and find him before Zadkiel (looong story, read the beginning of the comic) does. I really loved the end scene, I thought it was hilarious! Okay, a bit cheesy but worth the read just for that.  
The artwork is very pretty and the anti-christ looks very amusing.
Artwork: 5/5.

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