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Blaze, Victoria Montesi, Hannibal King, Modred, the Demogoblin, the Werewolf and Morbius have fallen victim to Switchblade, the possessed persona of Blade. Now, the remaining Midnight Sons, Ghost Rider, Frank Drake, Sam Buchanan and Louise Hastings gather to stop him from taking the Darkhold from Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Although Strange's enchantments keep the Ghost Rider out, the demonically powerful Switchblade enters with ease, and soon emerges with the arcane tome.

Knowing the Sons must prevent Switchblade from using the book to wipe out all humanity, Ghost Rider wraps his chain around the book as a spell by the Sorcerer Supreme opens a vortex to pull it out of his grasp. A furious battle then erupts between Ghost Rider and Switchblade, a battle that goes from bad to worse for the Ghost Rider as he falls to his foe.

Meanwhile, in a private bar called the Nightclub, Seer is knocked back by a tongue of Hellfire, indicating to her that "the Blood" is due to gather soon.

As Blade absorbs Ghost Rider's powers, the Penance Stare instills in his mind overwhelming visions of the past and future. Professor Hastings takes the opportunity to grasp the Darkhold and read from it the spell to reverse Blade's actions, in spite of the toll she knows it will eventually take. All of Switchblade's victims and Blade himself find themselves whole again. Modred moves toward the stunned Blade, intending to kill him, but is stopped by Ghost Rider. Modred vanishes, and the various players go their separate ways, under the watchful eyes of the grinning Darkhold Dwarf.

Elsewhere, others stir: Seer is unable to recruit her fellow Blood; in Greenland, Lilith makes her plans; and in his lair, Centurious plots his next moves.


Blade appeared in the form of Switchblade.


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