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[Continues from CYBLADE/GHOST RIDER #1]

Ballistic drinks in a bar nursing a bad attitude when she is harassed by a band of Mephisto's demons. Using her guns and her high-tech weaponry, she wipes out most of them, but one grabs her from behind. From the darkness, a chain appears, shattering the demon's face as Ghost Rider makes his presence known. He and Ballistic ride his mystic motorcycle to a rooftop to survey the hell brewing in New York, while he explains the situation. Mephisto, having discovered that the souls of the inhabitants of this universe are ripe for the taking, is scheming to set himself up as lord of Ballistic's world. Ghost Rider had crossed into this dimension and after an alliance with Cyblade, came to assist Ballistic.

They proceed to Times Square where revelers celebrate New Year's Eve unaware that Mephisto intends to steal their souls at midnight. Using their respective weapons, they wipe out hordes of demons, then follow after a group heading uptown in four vehicles. As Ghost Rider guns his bike through the Midtown Tunnel, Ballistic blasts their cars. They speed out of the tunnel and Ballistic fires several round into a pool of spilled gasoline. The resultant inferno incinerates the demons.

Meanwhile, from his vantage point in a Manhattan skyscraper, a silhouetted figure raises his fist as three claws spring from the back of his hand.

[To be continued in BALLISTIC/WOLVERINE #1.]


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