Pact with the Devil

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Watched Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and in it Johnny Blaze made a deal with the Devil. Then later he meets a woman who also made a pact with the devil. Then later the movie changes Blackout's origin to make him another character to make a pact with the devil This got me wondering if there are any other Marvel character who made pacts with the Devil. If so have they ever all been brought together in a giant Devil Pact Party. Just putting it out there in the Universe.

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Well it gave a little intro to Blackout's unknown demon hybrid origin in the comic. It shows the devil made him demon like. Yet he was always insane, didn't care for life, and was a merc. It could be possible with so many untold Marvel Tales out there, this could be one of Johnny Blazes oldest adventures. Maybe lets say since he got a blast from the penance stare being a demon without a soul it should have no effect. However lets say he is used to the stare only at night. Maybe he is vulnerable during the day. In one late issue of GR he Blackout returns he gets a stare but has no effect on him. Yet when he was attacking with Deathwatch in the recent series the sun is out and he gets the stare by the new ghost rider and is weakened by it.

Secondly we see he has a death touch given to him by the devil. We see he loses the fight and becomes road kill. But he could have survived it. He does have a small healing factor. But also back to his death touch the reason he doesn't have this in the comic could be two reasons.

1. Blackout tried really hard to put the death touch on the rider. Being attacked by the peneace stare it is possible the death touch power reversed on him to the point of not only weakening Blackout but also to the point were the power itself overpowered itself causing it go away forever.

2. Maybe this power only works when the Devil is in his presence. After Johnny sends him back to hell for good it is possible with the lost of the Devil, the death touch is useless.

Who knows maybe after the fight lets say he retires for a while, watches a few vampire grind house pictures and decides he wants to be a vampire. He gets metal fangs put into his mouth like in the comic. OR (just for fan fiction sake) he volunteered for Weapon-X and got Adamantium fangs put in him. He has a healing factor so he survive the operation.

But that is just my theory. I am a huge Ghost Rider fan. He is one of my favorite heros and Blackout is one of my many favorite Marvel bad guys. Either way wither the people like this film or not, I loved it as a film and GR fan and the fact that Blackout is getting media exposure.

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