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Ghost Rider #9 Review

Ghost Rider #9 Review


The series closes with Alejandra assaulting hell for the Nicaraguans

The Good:

I really loved the art in this issue, the art on the series as a whole has been good but this issue sticks out more than the others. The story is also pretty good but unfortunately it is rushed, I am fairly sure that this issue was longer than normal but this still should have been two issues.

One thing that I really liked about this series was that Alejandra uses the Rider powers in a way that Johnny Blaze never did and it is really cool. She shows that with a slight power up she is able to fight Mephisto head on in his own dimension and win.

Even though this was the final issue it shows that there is always time for character growth. Not only do we see how Alejandra views the world but Johnny Blaze as well and the end is very interesting and it kills me that this will probably never get fully expanded on.

The Bad:

Well besides the fact that the series is over and Alejandra will go in into limbo and never return, there wasn’t much wrong with this. Some of the dialogue felt a little off but nothing major.


There is nothing majorly wrong with this issue and the fight between Alejandra and Mephisto is really cool. This is a fun fight issue that anyone can pick up and read even if you haven’t followed the series. I am sad that the series is ending; Alejandra deserves better than to be stuck in limbo indefinitely, I only hope that if she every returns she will not be a twisted version of herself.

4.5 out of 5

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