Ghost Rider #81

    Ghost Rider » Ghost Rider #81 - Caught Between a Duck and a Hard Place released by Marvel on January 1, 1997.

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    In the aftermath of the battle against the Furies, Ghost Rider, John Blaze and their cousin Jennifer Kale hold the demoness Black Rose at bay, until she is retrieved by her master, Blackheart. He then vanishes as he taunts Blaze with questions about the whereabouts of his children, and of a possible connection to Black Rose. At this point, the police arrive and attempt to arrest the trio when Valkyrie emerges from the rubble she was buried under during the fight. She confronts Ghost Rider who conjures his motorcycle and flies off, as Blaze and Jennifer take the opportunity to evade the cops amidst the confusion.

    As Ghost Rider ponders new information he has learned about his (possibly still living) father, he unenthusiastically stops a mugging. He soon makes his way to Cypress Hills Cemetery and reverts to Dan Ketch. There, he meets a crowd of police, along with his distraught mother, who inform him several corpses have been stolen from the graveyard, including that of his sister, Barbara.

    As Blaze and Jennifer make their was to her apartment, he gets her to promise to help find his kids. Entering her home, she is surprised to find Howard the Duck. She had forgotten she had made an appointment for hours earlier with him to make an attempt to magically send him back to his own world. Despite her and Blaze's insistence that they have more urgent matters, Howard refuses to budge, so Jennifer agrees to perform the ritual. Shortly, the spell is cast and he goes through a transdimensional portal, but immediately bounces back out, followed by Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy.

    Dan escorts his devastated mother home, but as she opens the door, they are set upon by a flock of crows. Nearby, a grinning figure watches from the shadows.


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