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This is by far the best issue ever. Scarecrow in my opinoion could probley woop Dr. Crane's ass But both of them are favs of mine. BUt Marvel Scarecrow is a mutant so that is always bad ass. He is evilier. He killed a baby for crying out loud! It was an awsome fight between Ghosty and him. What a way for Scarecrow to go. Right threw the back. End hell what would I say about my pal Blackout? He is just one sick

%&$#! Of course you have to feel bad for poor Daniel Ketch. He's a good guy. I'll I got to say is R.I.P. Barabra Ketch.

But I gotta say Black out had a very cool speech in this issue. This was it:

Ah Sweet darkness fallen. But not dark enough. Darkness always cloaked my body and my soul and it was always good. Now darkness is needed t cloak my face. My beautiful face. My Face!!!!!

I just wish the writers would have included an extended scene of scarecrow escaping. So top my fangs oput to Scarecrow and Blackout. Kerep up the good work dear boys.


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