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How did Johnny Blaze end up in Hell, anyway? It's simple, really: He died. And when he died, his eternal soul--long promised to Hell in exchange for "saving" Crash Simpson--descended into the Pit, taking the Ghost Rider along with it. This is the story of how and why it all happened.

A group of extreme catholics gather at a pond for a boys baptisim. All of a sudden the main priest holds the boy under the lake for to long and dies. Ghost Rider appears to avenge the boy. The priest turns out to be Lucifer. He tries to hit Lucifer with his chain but he slams him in a tree knocking him out.

Johnny Blaze wakes up with a cop hovering over him. Unaware of what is going on, the cop knocks Blaze out with his club.

He gets sent back to a jail where he meets up with another felon who was caught in the middle of the killing of a bartender. the felon knows Johnny is a Ghost Rider.

Meanwhile Ghost Rider is still fighting Lucifer. He punches Ghost Rider down but he gets back up and Ghost Rider spits a big ball of fire charing Lucifer. But Lucifer gets back up. He rips of Ghost Rider's leg and continously beats him with it.

The next day Blaze gets out of jail and meets the other felons lawyer who needs Blaze's help.







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