Ghost Rider #45

    Ghost Rider » Ghost Rider #45 - Seige of Darkness Part 10: Blood released by Marvel on January 1, 1994.

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    Ghost Rider goes back to Stacy to see if she is okay. Stacy is greatful for Ghost Rider saving her life. Ghost Rider gets ready to head back to the Nightclub and meet up with the others but before he can leave, Stacy jumps onto Ghost Rider's bike.

    They head back to the Nightclub to find the Midnight Sons as well as youngest Blood member Seer who is stressed at the moment. At that moment, Hannibal King returns with a message from Caretaker that the Fallen have returned and that they are planning to find remaining Blood members and convert them to Zarathos's loyalty or kill them. It is the Midnight son's job to find the remaining Blood. Ghost Rider, Vengeance, and Seer go out to find Patriarch the oldest of the Blood.

    Minutes later the three arrive in Scotland at the castle of Patriarch. The three spot an explosion at the top of the tower and rush to the scene. Ghost Rider finds Patriarch dueling with Fallen member Ranter. Ghost Rider charges at him charging him off the top of the tower. Both go down.

    Seer and Vengeance try and talk to Patriarch to help but refuses. All of a suddne Ranter flies back up to the top of the tower about to kill everyone. All of a sudden Ghost rider returns and lassos his chain around Ranter and slams him to the other side of the room. Vengeance and Ghost Rider fire a massive blast a giant amount of hellfire at him. Finally Ghost Rider jams his fist into Ranter's heart. Ranter then flies away before ghost Rider can finish the job.

    After the fight Ghost Rider tells Patriarch that he can chose if he wantes to fight with the Blood or not fight at all. After Ghost Rider, Vengeance, and Seer leave, Patriarch goes into a portal and transports to Zarathos's lair. It turns out Patriarch was a member of the Fallen long before the Siege started.


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