Ghost Rider #44

    Ghost Rider » Ghost Rider #44 - Siege of Darkness Part 2: Into the Mist released by Marvel on December 1, 1993.

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    Siege of Darkness Part 2.

    Queen Lilith's children have returned, with a vengeance! Hannibal King, Frank Drake, Ghost Rider, and Johnny Blaze team up to fight the demons, but are shocked to discover that Zarathos has returned, and is aiding Lilith! The band of heroes go into hiding to make a plan in the Caretakers secret hideout, while Vengeance goes toe-to-toe with Lilith's children Blackout, Meatmarket, and Dark Legion who attack the Police Station. When all hope seemed lost, Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, flew in in a heroic manner and made a mystic shield around the group.


    Reported Linda Wei, The E.P.A. police, and her film crew are at Cypress Hill Cemetery where the demonic mist is. All of a sudden Linda's camera man is attacked by a Lilin but is stopped by Ghost Rider and Blaze. Blaze shots his hell fire at the Lilin who then runs away on fire.

    Meanwhile at a local police station, Captain Dolan questions Micheal Badilino about is where abouts and is about to have him suspended. Micheal sences the Mist.

    Back at Cypress Hill Cemetary, ghost Riders team enters the cemetary. As they arrive at the scene of Lilith's death, they see a giant fissure of where the mist is coming from. All of a sudden Lilith and the Lilin crawl out of the center of the mist. It turns out when Blaze fired at her he accidently broke a dimentional wall from the Shadowside Dimension releasing all of Lilith's children. But also Zarathos is with her. He attacks ghost Rider and Blaze with control of the elements after Ghost Rider tries to attack zarathos with is fire chain only to deflect it. Ghost Rider's group then flees the cemetery to find the other Midnight Son members. They are then found by Caretaker who gets the group into a secret location away from Zarathos.

    Back at the station, the mist attacks the people inside. Stacy Dolan wants Badilino to help but he wants nothing to do with the mist. All of a sudden Meat Market, Dark Legion, and Blackout break into the station. Blackout attempts to kill a kid but Badilino turns into Vengeance and stops him.

    Meanwhile Ghost Rider's Group tries to escape Zarathos threw a tunnel. They make it to the street but Ghost Rider sees Stacy getting attacked by Blackout. host Rider then rushes to her aid stopping Blackout.

    Zarathos then tries to kill ghost Rider but he is saved by Doctor Strange who protects him with a mystic field of magic. Ghost Rider, Blaze, and Vengeance want to finish off Zarathos but Caretaker says they are not ready. Doctor Strange then opens a portal to help the team escape but Zarathos blasts at the group before the portal can close.


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