Ghost Rider #32

    Ghost Rider » Ghost Rider #32 - Last Stand of the Spirits of Vengeance, Conclusion released by Marvel on April 1, 2009.

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    This is it. The final chapter in the epic arc, "LAST STAND OF THE SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE." Johnny Blaze and the last remaining Ghost Riders from around the world make their final stand against the warrior hordes of the rebel angel Zadkiel, led by Blaze's brother, the power-mad renegade Danny Ketch. This is a showdown for the ages, featuring more Ghost Riders than you can shake a stick at and an ending you won't believe. Also meet the new Vengeance.

    Kowalski stills waits in the Arabian desert for Ghost Rider.

    Meanwhile back in the Congo, the final battle of the Spirits of Vengeance takes place. One of the Congo ghost Riders is killed within seconds but is revived in the body of another. Ketch them multiplies himself to take the powers of th ghost Riders a lot more quicker. Blaze then comes face to face with Ketch who challenges Blaze to a race around the world. Who ever wins takes all. Blaze excepts.

    They race across Egypt, shark infested waters, the city, grave yards, and finally as they make it into the Arabian desert, Blaze is shot in the chest by Kowalski and the hellfire gun. Ketch then arrives and blasts fire at Kowalski. Ketch then walks up to an injured Blaze and finally takes Blaze's power. Ketch grows wings and flies back to Heaven. All of a sudden a major explosion takes place.

    In NYC Spider-Man's senses go off the charts.

    In Haiti, Brother Voodoo prays.

    In Hell Lucifer is in fear of Zadkiel.

    In Asgard Thor senses the war.

    In The Everglades Man-Thing feels something.

    In Big Rick's Pool Hall Punisher pretends no to feel anything and shoots a guy.

    Back in the Congo, Sara and the others lost leaving Sara the only one standing. All the ghost riders have died in battle.. Blaze makes it back to Congo with little power he had left bleeding from his chest. All of a sudden it starts raining brimstone and all of a sudden Danny Ketch is thrown from the sky.

    Back in the Arabian desert, Kowalski rises from the sand look similar to Vengeance.

    Back in Congo, Blaze is revealed to be alive and finds Danny Ketch tormented in a crater. He NOW realizes what he has done and claims that Zadkiel has won.


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