Ghost Rider #31

    Ghost Rider » Ghost Rider #31 - Last Stand of the Spirits of Vengeance released by Marvel on March 1, 2009.

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    The last time we saw Deputy Kowalski, he'd had his hand chopped off and eaten by a crazed cannibal and been Penance Stared by an enraged Johnny Blaze. Now he's back, armed with a hellfire shotgun and gunning for vengeance against the Ghost Rider. And as if that wasn't bad enough, there's also the little matter of the final war for heaven, as Danny Ketch leads the warrior angels of the Black Host against Blaze and his ragtag band of rebels. Is this really the end for the Spirits of Vengeance?

    Kowalski goes back 7 days ago when he was a sheriff and he got his hand cut off and eaten by a felon. As he is being taken away in the cop car by the felon they get into an accident in the car killing the felon. He then gets confrontational with a ghost rider giving him what he calls "The mother of all head aches."

    Since then he has been sickingly obsessed with the ghost riders. Since then he claims that the Ghost Rider ruined his life. He then vowes to kill the ghost Rider. One night he goes in a booze store and the clerk some how knows about the ghost Rider and gives Kowalski Michael Badilino's number. It is later revealed that the clerk has connections with Zadkiel.

    Now he is dropped off in the middle of the Arabian Desert by another agent of Zadkiel. Kowalski then sits in the middle of the desert with the hellfire shot gun and waits for the ghost Rider to come.

    Meanwhile in the Congo River region in Africa, Blaze, Sara, and the Thailand and Chinese ghost Riders show up to a secret citadel run by two African ghost riders and their army. Tow local kids want to ride Blaze's bike but Blaze is not in the mood.

    Later on Sara sits a top of the temple with Thai ghost Rider Molek. She is stressed and overwelmed by what she is now a part of. Molek comforts her by stating is it were not for the Caretakers protection in the dark, the Ghost Riders would be doomed at the hands of God.

    The Chinese Ghost Rider meditates, the two Congo ghost riders make love, and Blaze just lies down thinking.

    Meanwhile Danny Ketch hides in the jungle with the dark angel army. He tells the angels just to attack the humans. Ketch wants the Ghost Riders for himself.

    Meanwhile the war in Heaven continues between the good and bad angels. Zadkiel waits for Ketch to bring him the powers of the Ghost Riders so he can knock down Heaven's walls.

    Back on earth Blaze is interupted by the kids wanting to ride his bike but the kids just want to say good bye to Blaze before they fight. This makes Blaze feel bad.

    Blaze then joins the others for the battle. they then see Ketch and the angel heading towards them.


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