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Tron Rider...

Awesome, but then again, it should always be awesome.  A flaming skull (and a chick at that in future issues) atop a blazing motorcycle will always make epic covers. 
The Good: 
The setup was well done, though it does make the 0.1 issue sort of obsolete apart from the fact that you may be unaware of a few changes.  By the end of this issue, however, you will be filled in as to what you may have missed so I rest my case.  This is indeed tied to Fear Itself, and though I thought that would be a bad thing (for an incipient series to be borne from an event would seem risky), it certainly plays very well here.  It doesn't wholly depend on the main event, and as such, it creates an interesting dynamic where you can see why Fear Itself is of importance, but you still feel like you're reading a Ghost Rider issue.  To the elitist fans, this will not play well, however, as there are some pretty big changes to the character.  However, I saw this as a great thing, and I'm intrigued to know more.  Lastly, the way that Ghost Rider summons its bike is incredible and the sickle is an awesome addition. 
The Bad: 
I'm not sure how I would've understood some of the events if I hadn't picked up the 0.1 issue a few weeks back and because of that, this kinda take a toll.  I'm thinking that I might've been a little too confused ( as was my wife) had I not read the previous issue. 
I think this series has a lot of potential and I'm very interested how it will all pan out.  There's plenty of hardcore action for the fans and the story here isn't lacking too much.  I hope this Ghost Rider is around for a while, and once you read the issue, you will understand my wishes. 

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