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No More Ghost Rider?

Johnny Blaze has been dealing with the curse of Ghost Rider for years, and frankly, he's had enough. He doesn't trust anyone or anything, and he finds a way to get rid of the rider forever. 

The Good

This is the PERFECT jump-on point for anyone interested in Ghost Rider. I've been away from Ghost Rider for a while. I quit reading halfway through the last issue, and I'm not a hardcore fan who really knows everything about the character, but that didn't matter. This issue really caught me up on everything that is Johnny Blaze through some dialogue and captions. 
I loved Johnny Blaze in this issue. Rob Williams captures him so well. He's fed up, tired of the tedium, and wanting more out of his life. He's become cynical and doesn't trust anyone around him. He's a man at the end of his rope, and I love seeing a character at that point in his "super-hero" career, since we don't get to see it that often, especially not with Ghost Rider. 
This issue is a set-up for the whole series, and no, it won't star Johnny Blaze, although I still hope he's a part of the series, one way or another. We will be seeing a new Ghost Rider and this mysterious man named Adam. There's a lot of great new series coming out of Marvel (Daredevil, Punisher and Moon Knight, which is already on issue #2), and this seems like it is going to be a great series. Yes, I know it may be premature to say that, but I feel very strongly about this issue.

The Bad 

There are a few references, pretty topical stuff, to True Blood and vampires being the new zombies that date the book a little. While it did date the issue a bit, 10 years down the line, it may not make too much sense. Rider fanboys may be a little turned off with all the catch-up duty this issue plays with readers; however, it's a .1 issue, so you should know this is a jump-on point for new readers.

The Verdict

Ever wanted to read Ghost Rider? Now is your chance! This is a great set-up issue for the new series and anyone, and I mean anyone can jump on and feel right at home. There's a lot of promise from this 0.1 initiative issue, and Williams captures Johnny Blaze so well that you'll want to keep reading just to see where he goes with it. I highly recommend this issue.

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