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Will and Anya race to stop a black market weapons deal only to discover that Will's American superiors may know more than they've let on. But all that might not matter once the supernatural weapon they've been chasing-the mysterious 'Dosvidanya Projekt'-is unleashed in the heart of Moscow's Red Square!  
At the Ghost Projekt site in 1979, Russian troops storm the place. They continue to the basement and into a sealed chamber. Inside the chamber they witness many dismembered bodies, blood-stained walls, and a black mist... 
Upstairs in the observation booth which overlooks the chamber, Boris Konstantin, Gregori Ulunov, and Doctor Kovalenko look down in the chamber and watch the soldiers get slaughtered. Doctor Kovalenko begs Konstantin to shut down the experiment. He agrees and terminates the projekt. Boris and Gregori are able to escape the building before the dark apparition engulfs Doctor Kovalenko and terminates her existence. From a distance three soldiers hear an explosion and see a large plume of smoke on the mountain peak. 
Back at the makeshift DoD headquarters in Russia, Will and Jerry Kennison are watching footage of Dr. Konstantin's sessions in psychotherapy or hypnotism. Dr. Konstantin has somehow gotten his patients to become afraid of water through some means of experimentation. 
Going back in time, Anya witnessed her father murder her mother before taking his own life. She wakes up from a dream and gets dressed to leave to work. 
Later that day, Anya shows Will the voodoo doll and asks if he's ever seen it before. Will says that he's never seen them before and Anya explains what they are. They're used as part of a ritual to signify the end of winter and the beginning of spring. They head for a remote location in the mountains to see if they can find anymore clues as to the whereabouts of the WMD. 
As they pass through the crowds in the city, Frankencat leads Will to a graveyard and perches on top of a headstone. As he's trying to find out why the cat lead him over there he is approached by a gypsy who calls him by name. 
Meanwhile, Anya is questioning people about the weapons factory and comes across a group who knows some information. After a little scuffle, and Anya coming out the better, she questions Ilya about the projekt. He admits to being brother to Dmitri--the one who stole the chemicals from the site originally. He hands over an address where he last knew Dmitri and Mikhail were last staying. Anya and Will leave to check out the address.  
Twelve hours later they have the place sealed off and are in space suits. They force entry and begin searching the place. There is nobody there and so they start searching for the chemical weapons. Anya looks for clues about the occupants while Will looks for the weapons. Anya finds a sticky note which gives another address while Will finds 5 canisters in the closet. He orders everyone out of the room so he can set up a containment tent to diagnose the canisters. Just as everyone leaves Inspector Kennison shows up and pulls rank. They confiscate the canisters and head for the lab.
Getting quick on his feet, Will notices that originally there were six canisters and only five were taken by Inspector Kennison. Anya and Will rush to the address Anya found during her scan of the apartment.  
As they arrive at the address, a public park, they hear a lot of police chatter on the radio. They rush to where the commotion is and notice a guy fleeing from police and he's shot. While he's falling he drops the canister which was wrapped in a blanket and released the ghost inside.


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The Ghost in the Bottle 0

Synopsis  Another great issue in this series. We're getting toward the end of this volume and learning more about the mysteries of the Ghost Projekt. Five of six canisters have been located and the last has been released! What will the ghost do to the people of Russia? The Good   Again, art is amazing! I will be sad to get a break from Rolston's artwork.  I can't get enough of the cartooney look of Rolston's art. I need to go and brush up on more of his work (Queen & Country). This is great ...

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