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As U.S. Weapons Inspector Will Haley and his Russian counterpart Anya Romanova begin to uncover the truth behind the mysterious military project known only as 'Dosvidanya,' those most closely associated with the program keep turning up dead. Can this pair of sleuths get past their cultural differences before the body count rises even further, or is this just a prelude to the nightmare the Soviets planned for their enemies? 
In Siberia, there is an ice fisherman ( Yuri Gasgarov) trying to catch a fish. He hears a noise and looks over his shoulder. He sees a little girl and tries to communicate. As he wipes his eyes the girl has disappeared. He chalks it up to being too long on the ice and goes about his business. He hears another sound and sees the girl again, this time he gets up to walk towards her and she disappears again. Thinking he must be crazy he begins to gather his belongings and starts to walk back to his truck when he notices small footprints ending where he last saw the girl. Puzzled, he starts to follow the footprints in the snow until they end in the middle of the lake. The ice starts to crack and the says his prayers and asks for forgiveness for what he did "at the projekt".  The ice breaks and he falls in. As he's underwater he looks at the surface and sees the little girl standing on the ice looking down at him. 
At the Department of Defense makeshift headquarters in Russia, Will Haley reports to his superior for instructions. His boss, , tells him that he's heading back to the site to continue investigating weapons of mass destruction. This comes at the request of Anya Romanova of the Russian police. Following orders he heads out to continue his work at the site. Anya mentions how much her country has changed--mostly for the better--and quizzes Will on his Russian history. Nightfall comes and they head for a bar to continue to put pieces of the puzzle together. They chat for a few hours and make their separate ways.  
On his way out, Will hops in a snow cat and feels a gun pointed at his head. He is instructed not to turn around but to drive. Will realizes that the man is Boris Konstantin and they begin chatting. Konstantin mentions that he knew Anya's father and as he's talking to Will he hypnotizes him. 
A few minutes later, Anya happens to be driving by and stops to find Will passed out over the steering wheel and a cat sitting next to him on the passenger's seat. Will gains his composure and admits to not remembering anything after sitting down to drive home. They get in Anya's car and head to a crime scene. There is a Russian police officer filling out a report of Yuri's death. Anya immediately recognizes him and pretends not to notice. As they're examining the body Will recognizes the voodoo doll in his hand and has a short flashback of the hypnotism. He remembers that Konstantin had slipped a piece of paper in his pocket and examines it carefully while walking away. 
The next day Will and Kip drive to a storage locker and suit up. Will is investigating what was written on the piece of paper slipped into his pocket by Konstantin. They open the storage locker to discover a Tar Tar skeleton. 


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Synopsis  Ghost Projekt continues with another great issue in the series. Will Haley is still deep in the trenches investigating weapons of mass destruction in Russia. Those who have been part of the Ghost Projekt are continually surfacing dead and dismembered. Needing to get to the bottom of the search, Will and Anya struggle to find who is responsible. The GoodArt, does this really have to be mentioned? Steve Rolston's art is great and goes without saying the best part of this series. This is ...

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