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U.S. Weapons Inspector Will Haley has seen his share of scary stuff. When your job routinely involves donning a hazmat suit, grabbing your Geiger counter and jetting into sometimes-hostile territory, 'scary' feels almost normal. But when the alarm sounds at an abandoned Soviet facility, Haley, along with Russian 'operativnik' Anya Romanova, must track a stolen weapon unlike any they've encountered before. What is the 'Dosvidanya' project and are they too late to stop it? 
Two weeks ago, In western Siberia, a pair of young Russian guys (Dmitri and Mikhail) are breaking into an abandoned biological weapons plant to steal some loot. Armed with gas masks and rifles on their shoulders they start the search inside the factory. They see a bunch of baby cribs, worn out mattresses, and various science experiments.  
After getting spooked, Dmitri fires off a round at the wall--it was only a cat. Continuing to search the building Dmitri steps on an old wooden plank and falls through the floor to the level below. Mikhail comes rushing over to see if he's alright. Dmitri, looks at his surroundings and notices old Russian writing on the wall and some canisters of unknown substance. He quickly examines the jars and determines that they're chemical weapons and hollers for Mikhail to lower something down for transport. 
While lifting the jars up via a makeshift pulley, one jar falls and breaks at Dmitri's feet. He rushes to put his gas mask on but still gets exposed to the gas. Alarms begin to sound and the two rush out of the building. 
One week later in Moscow, an older Russian guy in full winter gear checks the corners as he enters a residential building. He walks up the stairs and knocks quietly on an apartment door. He is greeted by a six-shot revolver to his head and enters. Believe it or not these guys were old co-workers and they begin to catch up on old times.  
Today, back at the weapons factory, Kip and Will are combing the building to detect Weapons of Mass Destruction when they are surprised by Anya. Anya is a police officer from Russia and has been assigned to assist the Department of Defense with their investigation into the WMDs at this facility. Each party becomes acquainted with each other but not without reservations.  
Unable to find any weapons at this time everyone leaves the facility. Anya informs Will and Kip that one person was found dead (Dmitri) when the Russian police responded to the alarm a few weeks back at this facility. She also informs them that there was a suspicious death of an older high-ranking government official recently had died with no apparent wounds on his body--he only had a rash on his face. He was also tied to a secret weapons project, "Dosvidanya". She also mentioned that there were a few other suspicious deaths which had the same rash and no apparent cause of death. 


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SynopsisI saw this issue in the previews catalog and thought the write-up sounded good so I took the plunge. Boy did I get lucky on this title! I have never picked up a book published by Oni Press, nor had I heard of Joe Harris, or even didn't recognize the name of Steve Rolston. The solicitation said something about espionage, creepy stuff, and Russia--all three qualities that I look for in a title so I decided to give this a try. I recommend this book by all means possible! The GoodStory and a...

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