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Before she became the Ghost Princess, she was formerly a ruler of an unknown kingdom and her alias name as Warrior Princess. A battle ignited along the kingdom between the forces of Warrior Princess and her lover's forces Clarence. This is a war that whoever wins will be the merciful ruler of Warrior Princess' kingdom. Clarence murdered Warrior Princess. When Warrior Princess died her ghost remained into the mortal plane because she doesn't know who killed her.

Physical Appearance

As a Warrior Princess, she wore a brown armor suit and had long blonde hair with green skin and a crown with a green gem placed in the middle

Since she is a ghost now, her whole body is transparent. Glowing with the light blue color, she has a floating crown with a green gem placed in the middle.


Ghost Princess has the basic abilities of the elementary ghost. She can move through objects and can float.

Media Appearances


Her latest appearance is in "Ghost Princess, issue 28"

TV Show:

Ghost Princess first appeared in the episode "Prisoner of Love" where the Ice King had held captives of the Princesses.


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