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    3 members of the French Foreign Legion who cheated death and survived as ghosts to continue their battle against Nazi Germany.

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    The Ghost Patrol were three former members of the French Foreign Legion known only as Fred, Pedro and Slim, who, shortly after their deaths, returned to battle Nazi agression during World War II.

    Captain Buehler, a Nazi who had risen to a position of power in the French Foreign Legion, ordered Fred, Pedro and Slim to bomb native villages in part of North Africa that was under French control. By having French planes slaughter helpless villagers, Buehler hoped to turn the natives of French North Africa against the French and cause them to sympathise with Nazi Germany.

    Henri, a plane mechanic, warned Fred, Slim and Pedro not to go on this mission, but the trio did anyway. Unwilling to kill women and children, the three decided to drop their bombs over uninhabited desert island. However, Henri, determined to prevent the villagers from being bombarded, had planted a bomb aboard the plane. The bomb exploded, killing Fred, Pedro and Slim, but they discovered they still existed on this plane as ghosts.

    The three ghosts decided that they had been given a second chance in order to fight the Nazis. Throughout the World War II, Fred, Slim and Pedro thwarted Nazi plans as the Ghost Patrol. They did everything from sabotaging invasions to pulling pranks on Nazi high officials.

    After the war ended, the Ghost Patrol continued to work together, fighting crime.

    They have been seen frequenting the Oblivion Bar, which serves as the base for Shadowpact.


    As ghosts, Fred, Slim and Pedro could fly, walk through walls and become invisible. They could materialise all or part of themselves in physical form. However, when in physical form, the Ghost Patrollers were vulnerable to injury just as normal people are.


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