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If you're already dead, you might as well make the best of it. Someone brutally murdered reporter Elisa Cameron, but back from the grave as the spectral avenger Ghost, Elisa intends to find out who killed her and why . . . and grab a double dose of .45-caliber retribution. But Ghost's journey to the truth follows a dark, twisted path, and the revelations she unearths may lead not to redemption, but damnation.

Ghost Omnibus Volume 1 features the Dark Horse comic books Ghost Special (issue 1), Ghost ongoing (issues 1 through 12), and issue 2 of A Decade of Dark Horse.

Story Titles

  • It's A Man's World
  • Arcadia Nocturne, Part One
  • Arcadia Nocturne, Part Two
  • Arcadia Nocturne, Part Three
  • Reflections
  • Trophy Ghost
  • Hunger
  • Hell Night, Part One
  • Hell Night, Part Two
  • Retribution
  • Descent
  • Crack in the Wall, Part One
  • Crack in the Wall, Part Two
  • Sweet Things

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