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    Character » Ghost Maker appears in 14 issues.

    Ghost Maker trained in the martial arts for many years at the behest of his father, a high-ranking KGB operative.

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    Grigori Sovchenko became the most dangerous man in Soviet Russia when he learned an esoteric fighting style called naked kill when he was chosen to be trained by two of China's most accomplished martial artists. This exchange program took place when the relations between Russia and China was not so tense and young Grigori was chosen because he was part Mongol from the Russian Steppes and his father was a high ranking bureaucrat in the KGB infrastructure. 
    Grigori's training occupied fifteen years until the two Chinese teachers were called home but this assassin continued training and added his own techniques and tricks to his discipline. Grigori would assume the new name of the Ghost Maker after he slayed ten top western spies with his own bare hands. A female named Mia who defected from the Soviets informed Sir Denis Nayland, Shang Chi and Black Jack Tarr that Ghost Maker and some of his loyal agents planned to assault a military base in Sussex  to retrieve an extremely deadly weapon. Ghost Maker and his agents attack the base called Dragonfly Spire and would come into conflict with Shang Chi, Leiko Wu and Tarr. Ghost Maker wounds Leiko with a shuriken and escapes on his jetpack with the secret weapon. The secret canister Ghost Maker stole was filled with acid rain and the assassin could seed any cloud with it and the rain would burn flesh right off the bone. Shang Chi saved Tarr from the burning spire and chased after Ghost Maker when he learned that the KGB operative was planning to kill the Queen of England with his new weapon. Shang Chi followed Ghost Maker in a jeep until his jetpack ran out of fuel. Ghost Maker found a motorcycle and headed for the English Channel. Ghost Maker overpowered Shang Chi on his jeep and took over.  
    Ghost Maker managed to jump onto a ferry and Shang Chi followed him in a tugboat.  The two martial artists engaged each other throughout the trip from the docks at Calais, France, on top of a moving train and even chased each other on bicycles until they reached Paris where the Queen was making an appearance. Ghost Maker abandoned his bike and ran to the top of a grassy knoll that overlooked the Eiffel Tower. Ghost Maker opened the canister and realized that it was punctured and most of the acid rain had leaked out. However, there was enough acid rain to seed one cloud but Shang Chi tackled his opponent before he could fire the gun. A fierce battle ensued but Ghost Maker severely damaged Shang Chi with a piece of barbwire and the assassin fired the launcher at a cloud drifting over the parade in Paris. The acid solution would react with the vapors of the cloud but the rain would not fall for some ten minutes so Shang Chi tried to defeat Ghost Maker as quickly as possible. The wind picked up during their fight and moved the acid cloud away from Paris and towards their location. A helicopter from the British authorities fly above the two combatants and Shang Chi gets on the ladder. Ghost Maker falls short when he tries to leap for the ladder as the helicopter ascended upwards. Ghost Maker tumbles down a hill and is showered by the acid rain. Shang Chi escapes and watches the Ghost Maker's gruesome death as his flesh melts off his bones.  
    Years after his death, Ghost Maker was resurrected by the cult known as Snakeroot and was later given a second chance to prove his worth to the Hand by eliminating Daredevil and Elektra. Nick Fury of SHIELD asked Shang Chi for his assistance to help bring in Elektra and he learned that Ghost Maker had resurfaced when he was seen engaging Natchios. Shang Chi finds Ghost Maker on a building rooftop and they engage each other in unarmed combat. Ghost Maker is losing in hand-to-hand combat so he starts using weapons against Shang Chi and activates a hand held explosive device. Lord Daito of the Hand warns Ghost Maker that his life can be easily taken back if he does not complete his sanction. Daito tells Ghost Maker that Daredevil is in the tunnels near one of their bases and to finish him once and for all. Ghost Maker engages Daredevil in combat and the fight becomes more intense when Shang Chi and Elektra enter the fray. During the fight, Ghost Maker stabs Shang Chi through the arm with Elektra's sai. Shang Chi pulls the sai out of his arm and throws it to Elektra. She retrieves her sai and impales Ghost Maker in the head causing him to turn into a pile of ashes.    

    Civil War

    Ghost Maker recently encountered the Heroes for Hire during the Civil War saga when he tries to get a new identity, passport, drivers license and plane ticket to leave the country from Vienna. Ghost Maker along with other criminals that oppose the Registration Act included: Grindhouse, Shockwave, Goldbug, Equinox, Bloodshed, Kogar and Shadow Slasher. They would clash with the Heroes for Hire and eventually be defeated.     

    Abilities & Weapons

    Ghost Maker is a skilled martial artist that has mastered the form called naked kill where any object becomes a lethal weapon in his grasp. Ghost Maker gained the ability to heal after his resurrection by the Hand. Ghost Maker uses various weapons from the Orient including katanas, sais and shurikens. Ghost Maker also wears a jetpack that enables him flight.



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