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James Owl is a Ghost Dancer, the current Ghost Dancer, a title given to those who guard a sacred gateway to the Secret Worlds. James grandfather Nathaniel Owl had also been a Ghost Dancer and had tasked James before his birth with becoming a Ghost Dancer one day when he was of age. James father resentment of Nathaniel meant that he tried to carve a different future for his son, sending him to school elsewhere from the reservation they had lived, and James did excel scholastically, giving him a lot of opportunity. However everything changed one night, when James had a dream of his grandfather transforming into the Ghost Dancer, and his dreams had terrifying demon like creatures in them slaying his grandfather. His friends less than supportive about his bad dreams offered no sympathy so James tried to clear his head by surfing. Laying on the beach, his lack of sleep the prior night from interruption had made him tired and he drifted to sleep to again dream of his grandfather the Ghost Dancer and more demons. Clown demons of the Manitou he would discover. Sharing his strange and terrible dreams again on the phone with a friend, James was taken aback when a hawk flew through his window, crashing and transforming into a naked woman on the ground. She announces herself as Lori, the guardian of the Ghost Dancers, first a guardian of James grandfather Nathaniel Owl and now a guardian to him, as he is the new Ghost Dancer. Clown demons appeared as a frightened James fled the scene as Lori fought back against them alone. He runs as fast as he can, only to end up face to face with Lori again. She explained to him who he was, what he was and about dream worlds and secret worlds and Ghost Dancer lore.      


Ghost Dancer is a Marvel comics character created by Simon Jowett and Charlie Adlard. He first appears in Dances With Demons #1

Powers and Abilities

A Ghost Dancer, James possesses many of the abilities of prior Ghost Dancers. He is the gate keeper to the Secret Worlds, worlds of spirits. This important and sacred role grants him powerful mystic abilities, the extent of which has not be revealed, but which so far includes energy projection blasts, teleportation and opening mystical portals. Succeeding Ghost Dancer's accumulate power, each Ghost Dancer being more powerful than his predecessor. As such James is the most powerful Ghost Dancer thus far. James powers will develop with greater experience.  
Physical Characteristics 
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Solid Blue  

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