Ghost 6

    Character » Ghost 6 appears in 3 issues.

    An unwilling victim of Dominators experiments who developted superpowers.

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    Five Years Laters

    In the Five years later continuity, Ghost 6 was one of the many superpowered beings prisioners of the Dominion in special chambers around the world. These chambers were used by the Dominators to create new superbeings and at the same time it worked to put the occupers under mental control, as superpowered slaves for their conquerors.

    After the chambers of Metropolis were taken by the Subs, the Dominion Governor of Earth commissioned four subjects from the chambers of New Zealand to capture them. Ghost 6, along with Alloy 12, Elastic-Kid 5 and Flare tried to kill the subs, but they were defeated thanks to Monica Sade, also victim of the Dominators experiments, who gained teleporting powers causing the deaths of Elastic-Kid and knoking out Ghost. In this last trick, her invisivillity was a liability for her.

    She later would be taken with other people also victims of this treatment to facilities to reverse their brainwashing. However when a riot erupted among the manipulated people. Ghost joined to the fights. Only when Universo intervened, Ghost stoped her aggressions.

    TAs the Four Subjects team had similarities with the Fantastic Four, Ghost 6 was a reference to Invisible Woman.


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