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Reality isn't what it used to be.

Recommendation: Yes!

This is perfection in 24 pages. Each page is a work of art, stitched together by a wonderfully spun yarn.

You may have already read this story, if you keep up with the publication, Dark Horse Presents. It was split up into three parts, spread over Issues #13, #14, and #15.

We even got an awesome Phil Noto cover for Issue 13:

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Anyway, Dark Horse Presents is not why I am writing here today… well partially, but still, you get what I am saying. I am here because Ghost #0, the collection of these three previously published parts of the story, is AMAZING!

There are several ways for you to have found out about this story. Dark Horse Presents, being a Kelly Sue DeConnick fan, being a Phil Noto fan, walking in and seeing it on the shelf at your LCS, etc…

I found out because I was perusing @philnoto art and stumbled upon the following tumblr blog post. It did help that I am subscribed to just about everything @kellysue and Phil create, but still… I didn’t know the exact release date, so this was a friendly reminder to get back to the store and pick up a copy of this awesome looking book.

I knew it was going to be awesome before I read it. After all, it was in the very capable hands of one of my comic dream teams. There was a Notociable gap created after the end of Trigger Girl 6… and I was in-between issues of Captain Marvel… so this was perfect.

Okay, so, now that we have established I am a super-fan of both @kellysue and @philnoto, lets get on to this story in particular:

I should be clear that I did not have any background in this character, before reading this book. That means, this is a perfectly good jumping on point for new readers - that, and this was always intended to be a prequel to the upcoming 4-part mini-series: In the Smoke and Din

This story, this prequel, is perfectly seductive. It entertains and keeps you wanting more. Phil’s art is unbelievable, as always. The ethereal nature of the character combined with the beauty that he draws into each of his female characters, makes his style a perfect fit. I don’t know who to be more smitten with, Ghost or Trigger Girl 6

Kelly’s writing, is spot on, again, as always. I adore her style, wittily written characters and uncanny way of making fantasy seem normal. It puts the characters, no matter their abilities, on a level playing field. Each of them is interesting in their own way, each one of them serves a purpose.

Much like the Ghost is realizing and experiencing her “new” environment, so to are we, learning as we go along. This is what prequel / #0 Issues are supposed to be about - either origin, or setup. This gives us a bit of both, leaving us with a strong desire to know more.

I love it when books do their own marketing. There is nothing better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) than after reading a book, you sit there wanting the next issue NOW! Wanting to know what the plans are for the characters you just got to know… Needing to see more beautiful pages…

So please, go pick up this issue of Ghost. Heck, pick issues 13-15 of Dark Horse Presents up too.

Support this book.

Support its creators.

Every Indie Book Matters.


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