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In Atrocitus's opinion "Ghan IX is a planet engulfed in rage, it is the universe in miniature, full of conflict, pain and heartache."

The Yuevers came to Ghan IX to stop a local civil war, but soon they became apart of it. The natives of Ghan IX attacked the Yuevers and instead of leaving the planet the Yuevers, with their advanced technology fought back, against the Ghanities and their primitive weapons.

This soon brought the planet to a perfect furnace in which to produce pain and rage and more damaging hatred.

Natives of Ghan IX

  • Arkkon; Deceased. Killed by Har and Knapp
  • Rixx: Deceased. Killed by Har and Knapp
  • Zo:

Yuevers on Ghan IX

  • Har: Deceased, Killed by Atrocitus
  • Knapp: Deceased, Killed by Atrocitus
  • Rrahamm; Deceased, Killed by the Ghanities

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