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An artifact manufactured by the demon-lord Neron, it grants the user the ability to get a single soul out of Hell, whether his or her own or another. Junior of the West Coast mob, better known as Alex Merkel, the Secret Six's Ragdoll's disfigured sister, was to be the original possessor of the card. However, Tarantula, Catalina Flores, seized it and took it to Alcatraz, where the Secret Six found her. In response, Junior summoned countless supervillains to kill the Six and recover the card. While she managed to capture the Six, she released them and gave them a head start in payment for her brother's past kindness along with the card. The card was apparently destroyed in a massive combined supervillain attack that claimed as well the lives of Tarantula and Junior. However, it was later seen Scandal Savage was able to hold on to it. She used the card to resurrect her lover, Knockout of the New Gods.

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