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    Character » Gertude Hall appears in 17 issues.

    Minor character from Hack/Slash. She and Vlad have a relationship of sorts.

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    Gertude is a 38-year-old, past-her-prime groupie and self-proclaimed "original" Acid Washed fan. Gertude has been in love with musice ever since she can remember, her main dream is to someday be the love object of a musican who would write a song dedicated to her. Most likely the reason why she hangs around many bands, during her youth she met many future stars including Meat Loaf. Despite her age, she tries to sometimes flash her breasts to gain attention. This however now doesn't get her many places. 
    After Acid Washed's concert, it appears Gertude has no idea or memory of Six Sixx taking the virgin girls into the Nef World. When she tries to get back stage, she's rejected. Hurt by her rejection, she goes to a bar to drink her sorrows, which is where she runs into Vlad. Vlad, although being a virgin, is a male and according to one of Six's bandmates was too big to go with their sacrifices. Thus, leaving Cassie and their new friend Georgia Peaches in the Nef world being prepared for sacrifice. Vlad was in some way down as well, he was vunerable to Six's attacks because he was a virgin. And was being judged by the women because of his looks. 
    Vlad sees a drunken Gertude and kindly decides to walk her home. During the walk, Gertude explains that in her past, she did sleep with a few of the musicans but soberly explains she wouldn't have if she truly didn't believe they didn't love her. She also confides to him that she worries, she'll never find real love. She believes Vlad understands this because of his looks. Feeling a bit hurt, Vlad decides to leave but gets a surprise when Gertude kisses him and soon have sex in her apartment. 
    The morning after, Gertude offers to help him and is able to get into Six's dressing room, using a "fan". After a long battle with Six and his bandmates, Vlad is able to defeat him. Using Six's guitar they are able to release Cassie and Georgia before the entity attacks them. Gertude gives Six her own personal revenge by flashing him and then taking his guitar, she states his songs were terrible and kicks him into his verison of Hell. As Cassie and Vlad leave, Cassie curiously asks if he's got a girlfriend now. 
    Vlad calmly states that Gertude said she's married to music, but he's always welcome if he wants to be intimate. Gertude makes another appearance in 

    Hack/Slash: The Series #21 - Mind Killer. Cassie, Georgia(who was traveling with them) and Vlad spy her on the road. She apparently was having dreams about her musicans. However, Cassie and Vlad see it as Ashley Guthrie trying to use Gertude to find Six's guitar. While Vlad and Cassie try calmly to talk her into giving it to them, Gertude tries charming Vlad by saying she wants to keep it as a momento of Vlad. Cassie, not in the mood, quickly starts arguing with her. 
    The argument soon becomes a catfight between her, Georgia, and Gertude. As Vlad breaks-up their fight, all of them are quickly surrounded by the police who takes all of them into custody. Soon Ashley who takes possession of Muffy Joworski, crashes into the station with a police car and kills any one in his way. He soon finds Six's guitar and releases him, but all soon see he brought some univinted guests. The bizarre creatures take control of the dead officers' bodies and take the entire group hostage, including Ashley/Muffy and Six Sixx.
    As they do, the creatures torment Gertude, Cassie, and the others with their worst fears in their minds. However, Six quickly breaks free and soon returns to the Nef World to restore his powers. He quickly returns to save the hostages and also to take Cassie Hack. But Ashley/Muffy behaves childishly, wanting only to kill her. Seeing he's become unreasonable, Six knocks Ashley out and takes him as payment for his masters. After the carnage is over, Gertude is immediately guilt-stricken by the deaths that have happened, blaming herself for not listening to Cassie. 
    As she laters cries to Vlad for comfort, Vlad reminds her that a lot of people cared for her. And that he cared for her, Cassie over hears them and smiles a soft smile for Vlad. Gertude would make a minor appearance in Hack/Slash: The Series ##23 - Double Feature Mad, Mad Mailman & Blood Blower, bringing food at Chris's and Lisa's home for a Christmas get-together with Vlad and Georgia. And gives Georgia some kind advice on love.


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