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Gerry was introduced as a homeless alcoholic that Deadpool would visit in the park whenever he needed a sounding board for his thoughts. He seemed to be under the impression Deadpool was a alcohol-induced hallucination. However, later he was seen teleporting between San Francisco, Paris, and Düsseldorf. In each location fluently conversing in the local language. There was a mystery about him.

He was eventually revealed to the long lost fourth partner of Landau, Luckman, & Lake. He had been in charge of their Cosmic Messiah project but faced an assassination attempt. He survived but faked his death and went into hiding. He was secretly grooming Deadpool to be the hero needed for the project. While Deadpool performed as expected, he was less than pleased at being manipulated. He slammed Gerry into a chair and stormed out, away from his manipulator.

Gerry has mastery of the technology of Landau, Luckman and Lake, allowing to travel through space and time. He kept his activities hidden from Zoe Culloden as long as possible. When she did realize something was up, Gerry used a neural shutdown switch to knock her out.

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