Gerry Drew

    Character » Gerry Drew appears in 63 issues.

    The son of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) inherited spider-powers and had a short tenure as Spider-Man.

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    Gerry Drew was the son of the original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. He contracted radiation poisoning in the womb from his mother's irradiated blood, and Jessica attempted to save him using the same spider DNA technology her father used to cure her radiation sickness as a child. It slowed down Gerry's illness and even gave him spider-like powers, powers he used as a teenager to become a new Spider-Man. However he was met with derision by Spider-Girl who accused him of usurping her father's identity as the real Spider-Man. Gerry teamed up with Darkdevil, who despite his protests, continually called him Spider-Boy and continued to try and prove to Spider-Girl her was worthy of the name Spider-Man. However when Jessica Drew's friend Julia Carpenter (also a former Spider-Woman) exposed that every time Gerry used his powers he was accelerating his illness, the original Spider-Man came out of retirement to meet Gerry and convinced the boy to quit trying to be Spider-Man and focus on his health.


    Due to his mother's spider-powers and the spider DNA treatments, Gerry has spider-like powers. He can stick to walls and climb up vertical surfaces, he can fire organic webbing from spinnerets on his wrists, and has superhuman strength, speed, and agility. However due to his radiation poisoning, injuries that expose his blood to air (cuts, scratches, gunshots, etc) could fatally compromise his immune system

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