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Gerald O'Higgins was the most feared freedom fighter in Northern Ireland. He earned money for the cause by doing hits for criminal families in America. He would send all the money home to the cause, choosing to live like a monk, incorruptible by women, drink or money. But most importantly his faith made him feel invincible. This went on for ten years or so then one day day while in Belfast, Gerald starts to think what the point. Whats the point of doing the dishes, whats the point in being polite to strangers, whats the point of killing. Starting that day Gerald stopped believing in anything. He started to drink, sleep around and cared for money more then anything. This new attitude earned him the nickname The Atheist.

Major Story Arcs

Wolverine/ Punisher

For more information see: Wolverine/Punisher

The Atheist has found his way down to Erewhon. There the Atheist has found himself one of the higher ranking officer in Oswald Zinn's new society. Then when Zinn plans to bring the Punisher to Erewhon so that the citizens can enact their revenge, the Atheist is at the forefront.

Soon after the Punisher arrives, Victoria betrays Zinn, by running away with Wolverine. This causes Zinn to send The Atheist after them both. The Atheist kills Victoria and tortures Wolverine by shooting a crossbow bolt into his head.

While The Atheist is heading back to Erewhon, Wolverine gets the drop on him and hang him upside down in the jungle. The Atheist escapes by "believing" again and thanks Wolverine for giving him something to believe in again.


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