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Georgia Peaches met Cassie and Vlad as a stripper in Hack/Slash: The Series #2. She was a fan of the band Acid Washed and went with them to the concert. Little did they know that Six Sixx had plans for all the virgin girls, during the concert she was sent to the hell dimension of Nef by the band along with Cassie as virgin sacrifices. While she was basically in shock and cried hysterically, however Cassie soon sees Pooch. Pooch offers answers if one of them would pet him. Georgia quickly refused, Cassie however wasn't afraid and soon got answers. During their time caged up together, Cassie and Georgia discussed Cassie's lack of a sex life and her orientation, which she is still unsure of. This led to Georgia suggesting that were they not chained up, they could have sex with each other in order to become "impure" and therefore escape.

Elsewhere, Vlad, who had been rejected, was looking for a way to lose his virginity. Mostly because he'd unaffected by Six Sixx's magic attacks. Pooch's Neflords' lieutenant Elvis Presely was getting the young women prepared for their sacrifice. But Cassie wasn't ready to go down so easily and fought back. She eventually defeated Pooch and killed Elvis during the battle with him and the entity. Back on Earth, Vlad and Gertude were able to break into Six's dressing room. Vlad soon enter a battle wtih him and his bandmates and soon won. With that Vlad got Six to open a portal into the Neflord and rescued both girls.

Both them and Vlad would later watched in a bit of shock as Gertude Hall used Six's guitar to send him off into his Hell. After which, she and Cassie began to exchange phone-calls very often. This left Vlad very uneasy and bit neglected by Cassie, as she seemed more interested in spending time with her instead of her. In Hack-Slash The Series #8, she kissed a girl mainly because she was thinking about Georgia. After her fight with Emily Cristy, still wondering about herself and Georgia, Cassie decides to not talk to Georgia and spend her time with Vlad.

Her closeness with Cassie begins to deepen, one case could be in Hack-Slash The Series #10. Cassie is still shaken after killing Romulus and the other feral children. Also in Hack-Slash The Series #11, still wondering about Georgia. Cassie asks the one-eyed vigilante Nathan how he could tell he was in love. Georgia's real name was revealed to be Margaret Crump in Hack-Slash The Series #14 , in which she joins a film crew making a remake of The Wizard of Oz. After hearing of a murder on set that appears to be the work of a slasher.

However, she is on the point of being killed by the slasher when Cassie and Vlad arrive, and is only rescued in the nick of time. Cassie is initially outraged that Georgia has put herself in danger trying to help her. Saying she's seen enough death her life and gives an inoccent kiss on the forehead to her. It appears after that, Margaret(as she sometimes goes by) is trying to clean her act by going back to school. After killing her mother, the Lunch Lady, again and seeing her father die has left Cassie an emotional wreck.

Becoming reclusive to everyone, including Vlad, he calls Georgia in Hack-Slash The Series #18, hoping to wake her up. Upon her arrival, Cassie breaks down in her arms leaving Vlad feeling worthless and he retreats to a bar. Cassie and Georgia continue to talk and Cassie confesses that she wants to simply be a normal girl. After a soft kiss, the two of them begin to makeout. Vlad returns from the bar to overhear muffled kissing, causing him to feel alone and neglected.

Elsewhere Muffy Joworski, unknowningly through Ashley Guthrie's influence, continues to investigate slasher incidents. She strongly believes Cassie's responsible for many murders and believes to have strong evidence . Therefore, when Cassie goes to the police station to offer information, she is arrested on suspicion of a series of murders. As they wait for a word from her in a diner, Vlad shows he's clearly upset by Georgia's presence. When Georgia tries to state she's not taking Cassie away from him, Vlad becomes angered and leaves the diner.

Vlad strongly believes Georgia will take Cassie, because she's pretty and is happy. He also believes they'll run off and Vlad will be left alone in his basement again. He also makes it clear he's not happy how Cassie opens up to her but not to him, anymore. They are interrupted by a call from Cassie asking for help. Vlad visits Cassie in jail and they deduce that the false visions are coming from Ashley Guthrie, the only slasher they've encountered who can influence dreams. This does not convince the police and Cassie is taken to another facility. However, in transit the van is attacked and Cassie is kidnapped by a group called the "Black Lamp Society", who try to sacrifice her for her "crimes" against slashers. However, she is able to fend them off long enough to buy time for Samhain who soon rescues her and leaves her money to call for help.

Cassie soon reunites with the two and soon run into Gertude Hall in Hack-Slash The Series #21. The young girls get into a very bad catfight over Six Sixx's guitar, to which Vlad has to stop the three. But before anything can be done, they're all arrested and held by the police. The group have no clue that Ashley's hold over Muffy has become more powerful and he soon possesses her body in order to go after Cassie. But not before using her body to use Six's guitar to help destroy her.

However, Six Sixx accidentally unleashes more creatures from a hell dimension who capture and torture the group with their worst fears. All but Six Sixx, Ashley Guthrie/Muffy, and Muffy's husband are being tortured. As the creatures are about to come to Six, he manages to break free. After having his powers recharged in Nef, returns to free his fellow hostages. He tells the group he's sold his soul to the devil and one of his commands is to take Cassie. But Ashley/Muffy doesn't care for his orders and goes to attack Cassie.

Seeing he won't listen to reason, he knocks him out. He then returns to Nef with Muffy/Ashley as a payment to his masters for his newly restored abilities.

Upon returning to the hotel room a naked Georgia surprises Cassie and suggests they have sex but Cassie turns her down. She then tells Georgia that she is going to continue hunting slashers and that she doesn't love her because she was wrong about her sexuality. Georgia does make mostly one-time appearances after that. She's seen in Hack-Slash The Series #23, at the Christmas get together with Vlad, Chris, and Gertude.

Lisa, herself has noticed something between them and believe they're fighting over a boy. Gertude, on the other hand, having experienced heart-break reaches out to the heartbroken Margaret. She tells her to believe that Cassie still loves her and is trying to break apart from her because of it. She makes one more appearance with Cassie and Vlad in Hack-Slash The Series #24 as they drive her home. Cassie is still giving her the cold shoulder, making her angry and heads for her house.

When Cassie tries to ask what she wants, Georgia takes her and passionately kisses her. However, still staying firm on her choice, Cassie coldly moves away. Georgia leaves angry and hurt. She's so far not been seen since that. Its not known if Cassie still holds feelings for her. But she does seem to be getting over her by her new attraction with Samhain. Georgia was mentioned once during Cassie's fight with Mary Shelley Lovecraft to which she shifts into Georgia's appearance. And refers to her as an old love.

Georgia comes to light again, when a man Dale Wildman (wanting to become a slasher) targets her. The two try to reconnect their attraction, but Georgia rejects her, feeling they've done this before. But she says when she knows what she wants, she'll be waiting for her in bed. Cassie knows it won't work out because Georgia can get hurt too easily.

When she goes to talk to her, she finds at knife point, tied up by Dale. The two struggle and Cassie finds herself losing her anger. She stops beating him up when she hears him saying how he knows she wants to kill him. Cassie instead uses Sixx's guitar and sends him to some unknown place. Georgia's seen in her bed, shaken. Cassie may have once again broken off ties with Georgia.

With Dale, Cassie may have seen this as her final sign to stop for she'd be in too much danger. Georgia's not been seen since.


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