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    Convenience store owner and friend of Logan in Wolverine: The End.

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    George is a character of Earth-4011

    George owns a convenience store in Pinckeynille British Columbia. When George was 8 years old he first meet the mysterious loner known only as Logan. Then when he turned eleven he started take supplies up to Logan's cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Logan usually paid him in pelts and would never tip him.


    George was created by Paul Jenkins for his six part mini series Wolverine: The End

    Major Story Arcs

    Wolverine: The End

    For more information see; Wolverine: The End

    After dealing with taunts from Jeff Palmer and his pal Daniel Ring, George takes the supplies up to Logan's cabin. After a brief conversation with Logan, George tells him he received a letter. The letter is in regards to Sabretooth's funeral. Logan needs George to drive him to the funeral and George agrees.

    After the funeral, Logan is with George when he is approached by Emily Rand and Logan is given another letter, this one leads Logan and George to the Howlett Estate, across the country. George fallows Logan through the gate, after being told to stay behind. Once inside Logan explains that this was once his home. Logan then tell George about how Weapon X, experimented on him and shows George his claws for the first time.

    George then drives Logan to a port in Vancouver. There Logan rants a bit about how George might be working for Weapon X but then thinks better of it. Logan then boards a ship to Japan but first gives George a message. In his cabin is a magazine that doesn't belong, find it and Logan will send him a message.

    George says goodbye and heads back to Logan's cabin. There he finds Logan's magazines and notices "Wine Lovers" doesn't fit in with Logan's personality. Inside he finds an ad and a pass code addressed to him. The pass code opens a file on the computer that has more instructions. George is to fallow them and finds a case full of money and more instructions. After finishing the list he can keep the rest of the money, as a tip.

    The next time George sees Logan they are both in JFK airport. Logan has been taken captive by the X-men and needs to get away. He says he needs to use the Men's Room and inside George slips Logan his supplies. Logan then slips out and George acts as a decoy.

    When the X-men take him on their ship they try to mind probe him but George has no idea where Logan is really going. One of the captains says they can't keep him for anything other then illegal immigration. This is the last know where a bouts of George.


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