Character » George appears in 12 issues.

    Half Dog, Half Wolf whom Green Arrow rescued from being beaten from a dogfight in Pennytown and is the son of a mystical wolf and a prize winning husky

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    George's secret origin begins with a blizzard that completely shut off a village called Burns, where the wolves became hungry and brazen enough to begin attacking people and getting the taste for human flesh. Eventually, these wolves killed and ate the entire village and if it wasn't for an old Indian man named Old One, they might have moved on to another village, but they would never get the chance because he killed them all with his gun and when he ran out of bullets, he killed them with a magic axe created from the jaw bone of a demon. Instead of killing the Alpha of the pack after battling it for a day and a night, Old One took him home and healed him and the two became friends. The two hunted and did whatever a man and a wolf do out in the wilderness until they were attacked by a cult that uses bones for their magic. After putting up a good fight, both the old man and the wolf were killed and the cult took possession of the axe, but that wouldn't be the end of the wolf's bloodline. We find out that the wolf had bred with a huskee and George is the lone survivor of that line. Eventually sold to a dog fighter, he is rescued by Green Arrow and named by Emiko Queen, before he is sought after by the Bone Hunters.

    Powers & Abilities

    George is at least twice as large as a normal dog, possessing great strength and the naturally enhanced sense of a canine. The Bone Hunters seek him out for the history of his lineage as his father was not only a powerful wolf but one who was healed by magic and that magic may be locked away inside his bones.


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