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    Character » George Taylor appears in 102 issues.

    George Taylor was the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet. After the relaunch of 2011, he was re-introduced into the DC Universe and is now the publisher of the Daily Star.

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    Not to be confused with George Taylor Jr. of the editor of the Daily Star in Star City.

    George Taylor was the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet. He possessed a good acumen, knew what sold papers, and didn't care which of his reporters brought in the story as long as the Daily Planet got it first. He began as editor when the Daily Planet was still known as the Daily Star and had its offices in Cleveland, Ohio, prior to the move to Metropolis. He was succeeded in 1940 by Perry White.

    George Taylor first appeared in Action Comics #1, but he was first named in Superman #2.

    New 52/ Prime Earth

    George Taylor is the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Star. He offers Clark Kent is first reporter job when he first arrives in Metropolis, and years later, hires Lana Lang as Chief Scientific Contributor for the Star.

    Other Media

    Smallville (TV series)

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    Max Taylor is the Smallville-version of the Character George Taylor. His full name was George Maxwell Taylor and he's much younger than his comic counterpart.

    He was an editor of the Daily Planet and was killed by his brainwashed assistant. Max only appeared in the episode 3x11 "Delete".


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