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    Kay McHenry was once a news anchor woman turned Geomancer but now is Valiant's newest A-level threat known as Deathmate.

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    Kay McHenry was a spokeswoman for at Zorn Capital, an enterprise run by Elliot Zorn. After she accidently overheard a conversation between Zorn and representatives of The One Percent, she was taken captive. Afraid she had heard too much and was a liability, members of The One Percent put her in a sea container and dumped her into the water.

    While in the container, Kay was visited by Mother Nature, who made her the new Geomancer. She freed herself from the container, breaking up a conflict that was about to break out between Immortal brother's Gilad Anni-Padda (The Eternal Warrior) and Aram Anni-Padda (Armstrong).

    Together with Obadiah Archer in tow, she helped the Brothers Anni-Padda infiltrate and destroy The Null, a subdivision of The Sect led by her former employer Elliot Zorn. Who'd built a doomsday sanction called the Null-World Equation, a mathematical formula which decreates the universe bit by bit in gradual steps. When they make it to Greenland where they do battle with The Null's agents, the crew are waylaid by their most terrifying asset taking the form of young Archer. Another coded creation of The Null called the Last Enemy utilized to turn the balance of power in the world to their favor.

    Having been momentarily incapacitated Kay is consulted by all the previous Geomancers who'd come before her. In that instant she gains the knowledge needed in order to protect reality from the desolating effects of The Null's equation, by changing the source code of the planet earth and all of reality as a whole using her connection to it. Having completed they're task Archer & Armstrong part ways from Gilad and the new Geomancer but not before she gives a tip to Obidiah's origins on his departure.

    The Valiant & The Immortal Enemy

    Not long after her last jaunt, Kay can be seen with Aram enjoying some downtime at a swank English gathering. Lately she's been hearing the whole world seem to cry out in terror as something was amiss in its delicate ecosystem, once stopping at a digging plant in Colorado; owned by her former employer Mr. Zorn. When she opted to act however, an accident occurred due to the unseen interference of an old adversary of her protector signifying calamities return.

    After barely escaping from the burning refinery having been injured in the process. Kay has a run in with the enemy in the form of her old childhood fear, the dark being having taken the form of Mr Flay. A malevolent entity from fairy tale that her father would read to her before she slept.

    When both Eternal Warrior and Ninjak moved in to provide the earth speaker protection, the latter fell under Flay's spell of fear while Gilad was putting up a fruitless fight. After Colin regained himself and attacked with fury, eventually both were subdued in a very brutal fashion by The Immortal Enemy, leaving Kay vulnerable and on the run as her assailant was immune to her Geomancer abilities.

    She's chased out onto an open road where she eventually meets up with Bloodshot. After having temporarily disposed of the doom bringer, Kay and her white knight make their way to an abandoned shopping mall, were she probes the various mysteries over just what and who her partner is.

    Sensing that their first line of defense had failed, Kay feels the presence of The Immortal Enemy creep up upon their general location. Bloodshot was able to put up a more decent fight due to the dissociative effects his condition gave him, but was still outmatched even without the creatures fear abilities weakening him. Resolving that she cannot outrun her adversary, Kay engages him in mortal combat and incurs fatal injuries, before dying in his arms Kay restores Ray's humanity by purging him of his nanoactive blood making him human again.

    After her death, Kay was buried with honors by The Valiant team with everyone attending her funeral. The new Geomancer from the future even raising flowers over her grave.

    Project: Deathmate

    Bloodshot Island

    Unbeknownst to everyone however, P.R.S under orders from director Kozol had exhumed her body from its resting place in order to study her unique physiological makeup as a Geomancer. They found she was a perfect match for a brand new nanite program which had to be shelved due to lack of proper receptacles who could host them, having hatched a scheme with which the faceless weapons contractor would take america then the world by storm; they subjected her to special artificial island facility created to task and perfect their latest killing machine.

    They would accomplish this by testing the reanimated body of Ms. McHenry against earlier models of Project: Bloodshot, the previous generations of Bloodshot who came before Ray Garrison. When the aforementioned soldier unit was eventually required by the clandestine organization The Bloodshots were all used as practice dummies in order to work out all of the kinks in their new living WMD: Deathmate.

    Over the coarse of following months. Project Rising Spirit would pit her in an arena like training regimen to hone her lethal capability and sharpen their control over her for their next big project. For the next half a year this was to be the training program she was subjected to repetitively killing Bloodshot prototypes who would soon revive themselves after their sweepers picked them up and stuck them in regenesis pods for the next trial run once they'ed been revitalized. When she came across Ray however she began to show signs of remembrance of her old life as Kay before the project got to her.

    To strengthen their control her handlers amped the aggression in the nanite system powering her body to the point all traces of her previous self were all but suppressed, turning her into a remoresless killing machine. But Ray and Bloodhound managed to outsmart her by hiding in a buffer-zone which canceled out her sensory systems before going after her own regenesis chamber.

    With their superweapon's maintenance pod in disarray Rising Spirit terminated the island training facility by collapsing its foundation structure. Ordering her to vacate back to base to begin the final phase of their ultimate plane as the artificial land mass sank into the ocean stranding the rest of the squad.

    Bloodshot U.S.A

    After finishing with all the test work against the veteran Bloodshot's. Deathmate was dispatched to Downtown, Manhatten to initiate the end game of PRS' grand plan to further their control of the United States. A nanovirus based around the bloodshot designs was released into the greater metropolitan area causing anyone and everyone afflicted with the microtech to turn into crazed nanite-powered super soldiers who would work collectively to decimate the city and beyond.

    So potent was this plague of Bloodshot that it overwhelmed any armed forces or superhuman response teams that were sent in to deal with the problem. Part of the program designs for Deathmate's conception involved working as a false idol, who would purge the nanite infected populous in a set of stages as per the Rising Spirits ultimate endgame. Before she could go about with her ultimate function however, she spotted the Bloodshot Squadron backed by Ninjak; to which she was ordered to eliminate by her handler Kozol. Before she could go about eviscerating them however, Ray managed to stall her just long enough for his crew to evacuate towards the city to try and stymie the infection. As Kay/Deathmate was blowing Bloodshot apart with her munitions, her adversary hacked her primary processing unit. Plunging both herself and Ray into the deepest parts of the dormant McHenry's subconscious.

    While moving through the mind of the former Geomancer, Kay and Ray physically regress within her own mind as the two a chased through her memories by a subroutine of the Deathmate Nanite System. They eventually run into Bloodsquirt while looking for a safe haven, only to be chased into a simulacrum of the real world where they're bodies lie dormant when Deathmate catches up to them. Seeing they're real bodies caused her regressed Id to break down in tears but Garrison managed to calm her worries.

    Being able to reveal the truth of their predicament as he remembers how and why the got to this point in the revelation that P.R.S. had stripped away her peace. Though still disgusted at what was done to her, fearful of wanting to return to her former self. Ray consoled her into doing the right thing; after which the two were brought back in their original bodies, this time with Ms. McHenry back in control of herself once again and not under the thrall of Kozol or the Rising Spirit organization. The two share a kiss just as Bloodshot's current flame Magic catches up to the two in the chaotic city grounds. Though heartbroken, the two part as Kay flies off with Bloodshot to stop the plague unleashed. While Bloodshot does his best to keep his Unity allies from killing each other, (Livewire having come under infection by the Bloodshot Virus) Kay/Deathmate recives orders from her former handlers to return to base; which she does in a rage. She crashes into their base at the heart of downtown and massacres the control staff, when asked by Kozol on what had changed; she simply proclaimed her freedom right as she crushed his neck. Killing him instantly.

    When asked by Agent Festival on how to stop the plague. Kay was at a loss as of what to do next, the information for phase three of Rising Spirits end game was encoded into her Deathmate prorgamming but since her control coding was broken, Kay lacks the needed information on what their final phase was. Then her regressive self manifested as an A.I. projection similar to what Ray's nanites often do.

    The assistant gave her the hint needed to initiate phase three and then went to Bloodshot for help on how to absorb the nanites like he and his team had been doing. Then all at once, she flew off above the city, taking and absorbing all the nanites she felt within the air, the people and in herself as well as the others within the Bloodshot Squad. Flying higher and higher into the sky while taking the plague with her before detonating like a thermal energy discharge annihilating the murder machine epidemic for good. With the crisis past and P.R.S. having gone to ground again afterwards, Kay and the rest of the Bloodshot soldiers would find solace within the confines of G.A.T.E. Now finally free of the horrors and the reach of their creators and torturers within Project Rising Spirit.

    Powers & Abilities

    Before her subsequent transformations, Kay McHenry was a talented talk show anchor woman for a TV company owned by her employer. When she came into her powers as the Geomancer, Kay steadily eased into her position as the healer and speaker of the planet earth and Beyond.

    After PRS resumed her body from its resting place they found that becoming the beacon of the planets voice not only comes with a fancy name, but several undisclosed alterations to the physiology of the individual in question. When Kay's corpse was bathed in the Deathmate nanites the weapons contractor had been keeping on ice due to lack of suitable hosts, they found a perfect match within her due to the shifting of her biophysical structure.

    As The Geomancer

    Natura Warping

    All Geomancers have an affinity for control and imbibing on the natural cosmic/quantum forces which make up the Valiant Universe. Through this Kay's able to achieve just about any possible kind of feat she can imagine, ordinarily utilizing the power solely on a terrestrial scale such as making plants flourish, land tremble or crack and even communicating with animals. But at the greatest extent of power she was even able manipulate the very source code of the universe as a whole in order to prevent an event collapse from crunching it into oblivion.

    • Elemental Manipulation
    • Animal Communication & Control
    • Psychometry
    • Formula Manifestation
    • Psionics
    • Magic
    • Ecological Empathy
    • Reality Alteration (potentially)
    • Structure Manipulation

    Ancestral Memory

    Every new Geomancer has access to the voice of the earth as well as the advice of all the countless other Geomancers whom came before him/her. Kay can tap into the reservoir of long past memories of her predecessors in order to seek guidance and knowledge needed in order to better care for the world they safeguard.

    As Deathmate

    Having been physically resuscitated by a recent breakthrough in Project Rising Spirit technologies, The Deathmate nanotech coursing in her system makes Kay McHenry every bit the superior killing machine to her predecessor Project: Bloodshot in most every conceivable way.

    Project: Deathmate uses the latest in PRS nanotechnology to create a form of protoplasmic goo tech reminiscent to what was found in the false apocolyptic future world in Bloodshot Reborn #12. Treating the users body like a makeshift metamorphic substance akin to liquid metal.

    Deathmate has the ability to change the color of her metallic dermal layer shrouding it in a jetblack sheen which shrouds her physical description or drop the obscuration in order to reveal the polished organic metal frame underneath.

    Like the other Bloodshot soldiers, Deathmate has the ability to sense and absorb other nanites within its immediate area into itself. Its collection and storage rate not only exceed that of the previous incarnations of the Project, but was instrumental in the three stage plan of Rising Spirits ultimate bid for power.

    General Information

    Deathmate nanites treat the users body like a gelatinous substance to be shifted & molded to their desired parameters. They enable the host user vast shapeshifting and physical augmentation capabilities, even giving off an externalized power-source which the weapon can wield through her bio-crafts or as raw power to be wielded and cast at will.

    Basic Information

    The Deathmate nanites caused all of their other test subjects to implode. What made Kay a perfect host was that Geomancers are fundamentally altered within and without making them better recipients to their makeshift deformation and reformation capabilities. They also give Rising Spirit greater control over the host's emotions, mindset and memories treating their host more like a better reformatted automaton than a thinking, feeling cognizant sentient.

    Medical Applications

    The goo tech that substantiates Deathmate offords incredible biophysical flexibility. Enabling the host body to recover from a great many hourrendous injuries, as well as reinforce the weaponers physical frame beyond the human or even Bloodshot nanite hosts physical norms. Making them tough enough to resist heavy arms fire such as gattling guns and RPG's as well as strong enough to rend flesh & steel with utmost ease.

    Military Applications

    Deathmate boasts a host of physical and applicable capabilities well beyond those of her predacessor Bloodshot's. She/it can blend into her surroundings simulating invisibility, has vast sensory functions thanks in part to the nanotech giving her advanced occular capacities and beyond, can physicaly alternate her body to produce all manor of leathal killing arms ranging from laser cannons, gattling guns, razor blades and massive claws. She also withholds and produces a natural desturctive energy output which she can discharge at will, it even enables her to fly unaided.

    Possible Dangers

    Like all technology the micromachinery powering Deathmate can be hacked by an outside source, such as foreign nanotech of another like those found in Bloodshot. Plus the vastly augmented abilities of the host are far from perfect, prolonged exposure to tense situations or environments causes their restorative affects to weaken over time. If and when Deathmate does not return to her stasis chamber to regularly refuel her nanites she runs the risk of being shut down indefinitely.


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