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Geoff Ramsey is a the real life staff member of Rooster Teeth Productions and a member of the Rooster Teeth Staff. He is portrayed as being a huge supporter of Pie in the epic Pie vs Cake debate and a horrible drunk. In real life he is married to and has a daughter with stripper co-creator, Griffon Ramsey.

Year One

Cat for ransom only a million dollars
Cat for ransom only a million dollars

Geoff was introduced into one of the early strips at the very beginning of Year One. In the comic he and his best friend, Gus, discussed Gus's new utility belt. Later while stranded with Burnie in Scotland, Geoff's compatibility with wearing women's clothing (an ongoing joke later in the strip) becomes evident.

Another running gag from the company is that Geoff's character on the Rooster Teeth show Red vs. Blue, Grif, is often trumped for Joel Heyman's character Caboose. This is terribly obvious in convention settings.

Later during a company prank war Geoff is attacked by snakes that Matt has stored in the fridge.

Some time after, Gus has Geoff house sit while he's away and Geoff ends up kidnapping Gus's cat and putting it up for ransom.

The epic Pie vs Cake debate starts to get mean.

Burnie then challenges Geoff to an achievement race, which Geoff ultimately wins.

For Christmas Geoff gets yet another pet (a dog) which turns out to be quite a lot more useful than either Burnie or Gus can believe. Thus proving Geoff is some kind of savant.

Identity Crisis
Identity Crisis

Geoff goes through an identity crisis when Burnie and Matt call him gay for watching American Idol and having an opinion about it and the contestants.

On Gus's birthday the Pie vs Cake debate erupts again, along with Geoff, from Gus's cake. Geoff jumps out with a pie to slam into his best friend's face.

After brutally (nearing mutilation) ambushing his coworkers Geoff gets beat on by Griffon. Totally unrelated.

During a convention Gus and Geoff sic glomps on each other by pressing a giant green button that says GLOMP.

Eventually Geoff dons a skirt again when he dresses up like a woman, along with cohort Jason Saldana, in order to get arrested and go to jail with Lindsay Lohan. Only Jason ends up going to jail while Geoff ultimately forgets about the whole thing. In a later conversation with Matt it turns out that this is not the first time he's worn a dress.

Year Two

Forget something?
Forget something?

Geoff gets a British roomie when Gavino (an intern at the company) moves in with him and Griffon. In order to make sure Gav feels at home Geoff hangs a giant poster of the Queen of England on the ceiling above the bed.

Later Geoff reveals Gav's dark secrets involving witchcraft and gets in toruble after asking if he's "banged Hermione yet".

He gets a tampon stuck up his nose all day long for no particular reason.

He is again shunned by fans at a convention, trumped once more for Joel. However, a girl named her dog after Grif because he's lazy and stupid.

Not so Legendary afterall
Not so Legendary afterall

Proving that the stupid part is true Geoff has a falling out with Griffon (wife then of two years) when he asks her to sign a prenup as they weren't really married in the first place. Turns out Gus isn't a real minister. Angry Griffon refuses to remarry even though Geoff actually gets down on one knee to propose. The first time he blurted it out in a water treatment facility, this time he offers a plastic ring from a gumball machine.

Griffon walks out again on a later date when Geoff refuses to remove a Halo 3 Legendary Pac Helmet from the mantle (or buy a bigger house).

Much later, when Gav's life seems to be going to hell, it is revealed that Geoff has a poor little Gavino voodoo doll. Very well used.

During a plane ride where seemingly things start to fall apart, Gus and Geoff have a tender moment of sorts. Well, Gus tries to unveil some deep emotions, but Geoff is receiving them at all. It turns into a very akward ride.

Geoff uses his minimal fatherly instincts to read to his daughter, Millie. It's just a game manual, however.

He flatlines (sort of dies) each time he farts. Perhaps not a very good thing.

Again Geoff tries for some quality time with Millie, but ends up screwing up again as he's no good with ballet or puppets.

A potential prank on Gus goes wrong when Gus makes a sizable donation to a charity with Geoff's credit card.

Griffon and Geoff go out with Gus and his wife for an awkward dinner.

With the launch of his new Achievement Hunter website it is revealed that playing video games all the time is Geoff's exit strategy for getting out of his marriage .

Geoff is coerced to the evil side of technology by Matt, leaving Burnie to be that last Mircosoft user in the company.

Geoff doesn't like House.

Year Three

So little Faith
So little Faith

In a spectalur parental blunder to start off the year Geoff accidentally gives Millie his alcohol smothered lunch, with vodka sandwich.

Becoming a cautionary tale about video game mimicry Geoff gets badly hurt trying to imitate a Mirror's Edge moment.

Geoff teaches Millie that the Indians fought off zombie Pioneers during Thanksgiving.

As a New Years resolution Geoff plans to spend more time with his other family who live in the Arctic.

Potato's are evil
Potato's are evil

In order to keep Geoff from gaining the coveted 10, 000 gamerscore Burnie hides an annoying device in Geoff's house.

In order to dig up some dirt on the guys Griffon looks into their pasts. It is discovered that Geoff accidentally peed on a police officer's windshield.

Geoff and Burnie play Skate3, Burnie has boobs.

Geoff gives Gav a lesson in running the bases.

He takes out some pent up anger on Mister Potato Head, traumatizing poor Millie.

Geoff debates how many points the achievement of "Keeping Your Job" is worth with Burnie.

Not a kid's game
Not a kid's game

Finding it hard to "mature" with the times Geoff is disappointed that there is no Foursquare in Wii Sports Resort. He takes this anger out on Matt, but not very well.

Geoff, Ben, and Gav have a falling out while trying to get a Halo ODST achievement. Also, Geoff tries to show his British friends that not all American's a boorish pigs. Burnie, Gus, and Matt show up at the exact wrong moment.

Geoff finds a sneaky way to rob Burnie.

Geoff and Gus wait (im)patiently for the newest Call of Duty.

Geoff comes to work drunk.

Geoff has a scary fantasty about Gus being a giant blue cat person with a tail.

New Years again, Geoff vows to "learn" how to use nunchuks.

Geoff comes to a sort of understanding with Nathan, they hold hands.

Just like in High School, Geoff can't get any action while playing the video game Mass Effect 2.

Griffon and Geoff consider the prospect of getting yet another pet, but the idea is scrapped.

Somehow still a funtioning parent, Geoff is thrown out of Millie's dance recital for lude behaviour. At least he wasn't drunk.

Geoff manages to leave Griffon again, this time for the Hal Reach Beta. One word: Jetpacks.

He gets robbed while playing Portal 2 on Mac.

At Burnie's request to look good for a convention Geoff somehow fashions together a tophat with beer cans on the side, thus making getting drunk a fancy event.

The "Here" Saga

Feeling a little violated?
Feeling a little violated?
Don't tell a soul
Don't tell a soul

Geoff and Griffon leave home to visit relatives. Instead of hiring someone to watch the cats they ask Gus. He ends up peeing in the plants and playing XBox in the nude. Later, upon returning home the two find the Gus and his wife have had sex all over the Ramsey home.

Later on when the two are desperately hungry they eat a "sexed" pizza, agreeing never to tell a soul.


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