Geoff Johns Signing at my LCS

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Wow, today has certainly an awesome day to remember! Today was the day in which Geoff Johns came to my LCS to sign copies of Batman: Earth One HC. Well, there's so much to say, but let me start by saying how wonderful a guy Geoff Johns is. On top of his writing ability, the man is just a wonderful guy to know. So I'm up by 6:00 and at my LCS by 7:00 to stand in line with my priority pass since individuals with such passes were allowed to go to the front of the line. Well, by 8:30 we had food come to us for breakfast. Hundred dollars worth of Krispy Kreme's as well as coffee,, juice and milk came for us to sate our hunger. By 10am the doors opened and I was first in line (since I was the first at the LCS with my priority pass), and came to get my stuff signed. Would you believe that the last time I met this guy was 3 years ago to sign my Blackest Night #1 and he STILL remembered me after all this time?? Really speaks to his character to remember a faithful fan after such a time span, in my opinion. Well, he was good enough to sign five particular things of mine, including Justice League (2011- ): #1, Flash (2010-11): #1, Flash: Rebirth (2009-10): #1, and Superman: Secret Origin (2009-10): #1 in addition to my Bats: Earth One HC. Then, after shaking his hand and wishing him well, the next point of interest for the day came with me coming up to artist Jed Thomas' table to get a sketch done of Batman, and let me just say that this guy has Jim Lee inspiration written all over him! for the first. After that I took a breather to sit outside whereby MORE refreshment came to us about noon when pizzas were provided and cold drinks served, all free of charge as well. Rest of the time was just spent chatting with various others who came and went throughout the day until the last highlight of this trip came. Johns made a deal with my LCS to give ANYONE who had a priority pass (yours truly included) a twenty dollar store credit to be used by the end of the day. So the last thing I did was to use my priority pass voucher to purchase the Identity Crisis TP as well as the 2nd printing variant cover of Wonder Woman #1 (2011- ). Altogether, it was the best eight hours spent on a Saturday that otherwise would have just been lazy time for me on any other given weekend. Feast your eyes on the pictures provided people, for it was a wonderful time spent!

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P. S. Your eyes do not deceive you actual LCS patron came with her pet kitty dressed in a little tailored Red Lantern costume! Poor thing was so hot though today that the store owner, an upstanding and honorable friend of mine, allowed him to come inside to the offices where air conditioners were and a big bowl of water was waiting for him. Hope you all enjoy!

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Awesome stuff :D

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