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    Geo-Force's ex-wife and newest enemy.

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    Denise Howard originally met Geo-Force via registration for Graduate School. They starting dating soon after and became married. She was aware of the Outsiders and even traveled with them at times.

    Character Evolution

    Denise is a worry wart that constantly is insecure about her looks and relationships. She is a kind, sweet lady that looks for the best in people. She loves with all her heart.

    After becoming Geode, she is insane and can't really control her actions.

    Major Story Arcs

    Denise tending to a wounded Brion
    Denise tending to a wounded Brion

    The Outsiders

    After meeting Geo-Force in civilian clothes, the two hit it off big and got married soon after. Denise was fully informed of the Outsiders and what they did, but only because of her intelligence. She eventually annulled the marriage to Geo-Force because of the stress of his life.

    Introducing Geode

    Geo-Force's former wife who's marriage to him was annulled by Geo's choice. She then tried to undergo the experiment that Geo-Force did to get his powers, but because she didn't have Markovian blood in her, It went wrong. She then was given the same powers but with a changed appearance and with loss of sanity. She was locked up, but escaped recently to take revenge on Markovia by killing several innocent Markovians. At this time, Geo-Force is proclaiming his affections for Katana but before she could answer Geo's declaration of love, they are interrupted by Eradicator. Eradicator informs Geo of Geode's escape and her recent attack on Markovia.

    Geo-Force and Eradicator go to intercept Geode. The battle with Geo's deranged wife seemed one sided as Geode smacked both heroes around like rag dolls. Eradicator pleaded with Geo-Force to use his powers to subdue Geode but Geo was conflicted with the idea of striking his wife. With Geo unable to take the initiative, Eradicator decided to unleash the full extent of his power to knock Geode unconscious.


    Later on, Geode is free from her captivity thanks to an unusual character named Veritas. Veritas wants Geode to begin Markovia's immediate destruction which will draw out Geo-Force. Geo pinpoints the center of the disturbance in Markovia and is approached by Veritas. Veritas asks Geo to join him and reestablish Markovia's Old World Order. Geo refuses Veritas' offer and Veritas tells Geode to kill her estranged husband. Geo-Force gathers his strength and becomes a giant rock creature.

    Unfortunately, Geo's unstable powers have put Markovia in danger because Geo's new form is comprised of Markovia itself and earthquakes begin to spring up. One earthquake opens up a large crevice beneath Geode and Veritas. The two villains fall to their supposed doom and Geo-Force finally realizes that Veritas used Geode to tempt Geo-Force into unleashing his untapped abilities in order to destroy Markovia. Now, Markovia is torn between civil war and the devastation that Geo inadvertently wrought on his people.

    Powers and Abilities

    Geode has all the powers of Geo-Force in theory. This includes Earth Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Heat Blasts, Flight, Super Stats, and more.


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