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Not much is known about Geo except that he was a Russian born terrorist and a part-time superhero.


Geo was created by Darko Macan and Igor Kordey and first appeared in Soldier X issue 3 (2002).

Major Story Arcs

From Terrorist to Hero

 Geo fighting the forces of evil
Geo fighting the forces of evil

He first came to the attention of the X-man known as Cable when he bombed a McDonalds in Russia. He received little recognition for his perverse efforts yet was considered the prime suspect for the Armenian mobsters killed by Cable some days earlier, as both of them had metal arms. Because of this, Geo sought out Cable to make him pay for reputation damage.

Geo confronted Cable in a little village while he was carrying a young mutant girl named Magdalena out of a church. The girl had healing powers and was forced to use her mutant powers on the villagers inside her home-town by a mob. Geo started a fight against Cable, and punched a few times until an angry mob started to attack them. The mob was there to get Magdalena back. Geo however knew the mob-leader and punched him in the face for calling him a loser and threatened to break his neck if he did so again. The mob however still attacked but Geo, Cable and Magdalena managed to get away. When Soldier X retreated with the wounded girl Magdalena in a truck, Geo helped push start the truck and clambered aboard as it trundled away.

The group drove to the Saint Lenin sanctuary, which was an abandoned factory, but the mob and the ones seeking to be healed followed. Inside, Geo started a fight against Cable once again when they where in. Cable however pushed him back and wrapped the small would-be hero in iron girders, while disarming his iron arm. At that point they both heard the screams of Magdalena's mother from the brutal torturing of the mob outside. Geo broke free as Cable confronted the crowd.

Soldier X sought to carry away Magdalena's mother but was attacked by the mobsters. Geo however, his mechanical arm quickly repaired, stepped in to defend Cable and gave him enough time to retreat. Geo fought bravely but was overwhelmed by the mob and was ripped apart, leaving only his metal arm behind. Cable was to late to help Geo, but took his metal arm and gave to a priest in the church they had been hiding. Later this arm was displayed in the church like a holy relic.

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