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    Brion Markov is the king of Markovia. Thanks to breeding and science, he has the powers of the planet Earth, including gravity, earth control, lava blasts and super-strength. He's also co-leader of the Outsiders and a founding member.

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    As a Rookie
    As a Rookie

    Brion Markov was the second in line as a prince of the eastern European country of Markovia, which lies between France and Belgium. However, the young prince's life would dramatically change when Markovia was invaded by the forces of the war-monger Baron Bedlam. Brion's father, King Viktor, was killed in this conflict, and Brion's older brother, Gregor, ascended the throne of Markovia. In an attempt to repel Bedlam and save his country, Brion was instilled with his powers by the scientific discoveries of Dr. Helga Jace. The good Dr. Jace originally intended to give super-powers to both Brion and his older brother, Gregor, but Gregor openly scoffed at Dr. Jace's researches. During the invasion, Brion also encountered the costumed adventurers Batman, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Katana, and Halo. After the invasion was repelled, Brion decided to travel to America to learn how to use his powers under the tutelage of the Batman.


    Geo-Force was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo in The Brave and The Bold #200.

    Character Evolution

    Change of Costume
    Change of Costume

    Geo-Force has lost most of his family over the years, and jumps at the thought of bringing them back. The death of Terra, his sister, in particular was hard for him. Because of Deathstroke's involvement with Terra's demise, he also has a lot of hate for him. He is very prideful and easily angered.

    He eventually comes to terms with Terra's death, only after getting his revenge, so he became a bit more stabile, or so everyone thought. The appearance of Black Lantern Terra only proved that it still haunted his mind. She was eventually defeated, despite Brion's protests. After becoming King of Markovia, Brion's ego, pride, and anger has only increased.

    Major Story Arcs

    Batman and the Outsiders

    The Originals
    The Originals

    Geo-force joined the others as a founding member of the Outsiders along with Batman who would lead the team, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Katana and Halo. The team fought many opponents including the Masters of Disaster, Force of July, and many other enemies. He was in a romantic relationship with Halo at one point, but they ended their relationship. He eventually became the leader of the Outsiders and has been the leader on multiple occasions.

    Outsiders Reunited

    He was wanted at one point in his life, as well as the rest of the Outsiders, for the death of Markovia's queen who was killed by Roderick during an invasion of his army. He lead the Outsiders in an attempt to clear their name and bring justice to Roderick. This is when Looker became a Vampire, after being bitten by Roderick. He also had a half-sister, one of the Teen Titans members, Terra, who is now deceased due to her betrayal and innate madness.


    Geo-Force and Atlee
    Geo-Force and Atlee

    Brion continued to live in Markovia with little interaction with the heroic community. However Terra joined Beast Boy’s rag tag Teen Titans in fighting Black Adam who was on a murderous rampage following the death of his wife and brother-in-law. During the fight Adam punched straight through Terra, killing her instantly. Brion was obviously devastated to lose his half sister once and for all without her ever knowing their relationship.

    He eventually met Atlee, Terra 3, who he fought alongside against Richard Faulkner while protecting Strata. He was confused about the situation, as Atlee had an exact DNA match to his half sister. Before he could really investigate this, the elder Aurla erases his memory of the place and information he found there.

    Justice League of America

    The JLA
    The JLA

    Brion started to suffer from blackouts and also was the victim of a mysterious attack to his private yacht. He realized that he was manifesting Terra’s powers also and turned to the Justice League of America for help. Geo-Force also joined the Justice League of America for a time. After appearing to save Red Arrow during a training exercise, Brion becomes an active member of the Justice League for the first time. However, Black Canary and Batman orchestrate a transfer of sorts which sees Brion joining the newly formed Outsiders. Brion was at first annoyed by yet another behind the scenes betrayal by his so called teammates but has since accepted his role as a senior member of the new Outsiders.

    Outsiders Once Again

    Brion - King of Markovia
    Brion - King of Markovia

    He was the leader of the Outsiders with members Black Lightning, Halo, Katana, Metamorpho, Owlman, and Creeper, only because Alfred left after taking out the Insiders. The team went through Black Lantern attacks which included Terra, which messed with Brion's head. He accepted a new member, Eradicator who was going to become ambassador for New Kyrpton. This caused a fight with Black Lightning and eventually led to the team spliting. up. Geo-Force was then being infulenced Veritas, which caused him to act unreasonably. Eventually, a war between the 2 teams caused mass destruction in Markovia. The truth then came out and all was forgiven.

    Suicide Squad Most Wanted

    Brion Markov is the king of Markovia. He encounters Katana, The Suicide Squad, and Kobra soldiers, while leading a tank battalion. He calls Washington and they will not deny nor confirm the existence of The Squad. He sends Katana and the Squad on a mission to deal with Kobra who have taken over the geothermical plant that was built inside a volcanic island.

    Alternate Versions


    For more information see: Flashpoint

    After the events at Aquaman and Wonder Woman's wedding, Brion decides that he needs to join one side or the other and makes a deal with Aquaman to throw the power of Markovia behind the sea king. But on the eve of the peace treaty signing, Aquaman betrays Brion, drugs the leader and takes him to Atlantis.

    There, Aquaman has Vulko, harness Brion's Geo-powers, and uses Brion's powers, against his will to sink half of Europe.

    Powers and Abilities


    Earth Manipulation
    Earth Manipulation

    Geo-Force's elemental abilities tie him directly into the Earth's gravitational forces as well as seismic activities. His powers include complete control over Gravity and Earth. He can use gravity control as a defensive shield and to lift objects of various sizes. The limits of this haven't been shown yet. His Earth Manipulation allows him to move any form of earth or mineral on a huge scale. The limits of this also haven't been shown. He can also talk to the earth using it as a weak tracking ability. Geo-Force's connection to the earth allows him to heal much more rapidly when in direct contact with it. He is also able to tell what minerals and chemicals are in the earth around him as well. This has allowed him to answer questions on the spot of a crime scene on what specific type and location of origin on any soil found.

    He can also generate heat through his body in various ways, and the most commonly used method is in the form of "lava blasts" from his hands. Previously, his flight had to be by use of propelling himself through the air by a combination of his gravity control and lava blasts, but currently, he is able to fly without the use of his lava blast ability, and simply uses gravitational abilities to propel himself.

    Geo-Force has superhuman strength which has been said to be comparable to that of Wonder Woman, ultimately making him able to easily lift 100 tons. He also has super speed and is able to move at the speed of sound and possibly faster. He also has some level of invulnerability, the degree which has yet been to be determined. Markov also has acquired remarkable fighting ability from years of working and training with Batman and Katana, and is an excellent leader and strategist.


    Geo-Force is bound to the Earth and subsequently if he is removed from it's surface, he is more susceptible to attacks and will eventually lose his powers.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 6'0"
    • Weight: 190 lbs
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Hair Color: Red
    • Citizenship: Markovian
    • Place of Birth: Markovia
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Occupation: Adventurer, politician; formerling king
    • Known Relatives: Viktor Markov (father), Gregor Markov (brother), Tara Markov (half-sister), Denise Howard (wife)
    • Base of Operations: Markovia; Justice League Watchtower

    Other Media

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Geo-Force appears along side The Outsiders in the episode "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster" voiced by Hunter Parish.

    Young Justice: Outsiders

    Geo-Force appears in the third season of the series "Young Justice", voiced by Troy Baker. After he is experimented on by meta-human traffickers, he develops his powers and is kicked out of his country. He is taken in by Young Justice, where he trains to be a member and aids in the search for his sister, still a captor of the traffickers.


    In the penultimate Season 1 episode "Darkness on the Edge of Town" it is revealed that Malcolm Merlyn's plan to destroy The Glades is through a machine named "The Markov Device" that can cause earthquakes. Merlyn is seen murdering the scientist who created the device Dr. Brion Markov at the start of episode to hide his involvement. He was played by Eric Floyd.


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