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    Gentle is a mutant from Wakanda sent to the X-Men. He has super strength and has vibranium tattoos to keep his power under control. He is currently enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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    Nezhno is a Wakandan mutant, who sometimes goes by the name of Gentle, showing a contrast to his powers: he has amazing physical fighting skills but doesn't like violence. His mother is Wakandan and his father was Russian, and supposedly passed down the mutant gene to Nezhno.


    Gentle was created by the creative team of Chris Yost and Craig Kyle.

    Major Story Arcs

    Xavier Institute

    When Nezhno first arrived at Xavier institute he was put on Storm's squad. He was always distancing himself from the other students, but seems to understand Dust and Blindfold's odd beliefs and habits, often defending their actions from their classmates, often the ignorant Rockslide, Pixie, and Hellion.

    Quest for Magik

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    In the Quest for Magik storyline, Nezhno was among the students who were in the sitting room, meditating as the others told scary stories. When Blindfold was telling the group of students, among them Anole, Rockslide, Pixie, Match, Loa and Wolf Cub, the story of Illyana Rasputin and Belasco, he firmly told them to be quiet and listen as he felt that this was important. Soon, the group was sucked into Limbo but their trajectory was diverted by Darkchylde's (Illyana Rasputin without a soul) stepping disk. Until New X-Men #39, Nezhno's powers were unknown but were known to be extremely passive and was excused from the battle tryouts for Frost's New X-Men team. Nezhno has only used his twice in Limbo. Once to defend Pixie from N'astrih, severely injuring the demon with one punch, and the second time to defend himself and his classmates from Belasco's demonic and monstrous subjects.

    Children of the X-Men

    In Children of the X-Men, Nezhno is meditating in the infirmary waiting to be examined for his injuries when Pixie chats on about the status of her soul and Dr. Strange promising to teach her in her magic when she becomes of age. She unknowingly calls out Sooraya by her clothing and Nezhno calmly states that it is a crucial part of her culture and she should respect that. When Megan asks about him and his powers and what happened to him, Gentle explains that his powers are extremely powerful and the vibranium tattoos are there to keep his powers in check from killing him, but is unable to use his powers for a long time, due to the strain. But every time he uses his powers, his powers get stronger and stronger, to the point where the vibranium tattoos cannot contain that power and he will surely die. This revelation shocks Megan and Sooraya alike.

    Messiah Complex

    Later, during the Messiah Complex storyline an O.N.E. Sentinel attacked the Xavier Institute, Nezhno fought it for a while before being neutralized by it and he fell unconscious. Later, when Predator X attacked the school, he protected the students in the infirmary fighting next to Armor. When Pixie teleported the students and Predator X to Muir Island, Nezhno continued with the fight.


    Gentle's Mother
    Gentle's Mother

    Some time after this Nezhno returns to Wakanda, where he's not accepted because his father is Russian. He also finds out that he has a brother and that his mother didn't want him back in Wakanda. He misses the institute.

    During the Worlds Apart miniseries. Nezehno kills a priest. He is placed in jail but Ororo doesn't think he could be responsible for such an act. The Wakandan police show her the video of him doing the act. Watching the video Ororo notices Nezhno winking at the camera. Following a self instinct she goes to Nezhno she asked him to blink. Seeing that it is different Ororo declarers him innocent. It is later revealed that Shadow King possessed Nezhno framing him.


    He later moves back to San Francisco with the rest of the X-men. He is seen in the Nation X Arc with the other students,Rogue, and Emma while the Predator X's attack. One gets in the building and Rogue absorbs the students' powers and easily defeats it.The students are amazed at what their powers can do when they are put together. Nezehno is also seen during the Mini Series " Martha Johansson vs Quentin Quire in 7 1/2 minutes. Martha takes control of Iceman and uses him to try to warn the X-Men but Quentin takes control of Gentle and attacks Iceman and says if No-Girl attacks back she would be hurting Nezhno So she leaves his mind and tries other ways and eventually defeats him.


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    Per Hank McCoy, at the peak of his powers Nezhno would be strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk.

    Nezhno must meditate to keep his powers under control, seeing as they are emotional-based. His power is the ability to increase the overall size, power and strength of his body to unstoppable levels. He achieves this by using his brain power to energize his body.

    The markings adorning his body are vibranium tattoos that help keep his power in check. The vibranium have because of his mutation bonded to his skin and in to his muscles. When he activates his powers the tattoos change from their typical silver to a shining light blue color. Without the markings to contain him, Gentle would be one of the strongest people in the Marvel Universe. He cannot sustain this form for long however, as it causes massive strain on his body, giving him seizures and causing him to collapse.

    He has also revealed that every use of his powers means his powers increase in strength and power a little more. Eventually, they will prove too strong for the vibranium tattoo's ability to absorb the energy and then he will die. Because of this he will only use his powers in emergencies and those of a high level quality at that. He prefers to take the nonviolent route and because of this is passive.

    Nezhno also has had no sense of touch since his mutant powers activated.but it is possible that he might have felt Mercury touch him at some point.


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