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    Genn is a member of the genderless, shape shifting species known as the Rakshasa. Genn has been friends with the Diggers family ever since the release from the ancient tomb she was trapped in.

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    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    Genn met Gina and Britanny Diggers when they broke into the tomb of the world's first ruler in Iran. Once inside the sisters separated to explore. Suddenly, as Britanny turned into a room she saw her boyfriend and prince of El Dorado, Stripe. He had lost his innocent personality and was being quite passionate. Before things could get very interesting. He suddenly changed. He doesn't normally have glowing eyes and nasty looking fangs. Britanny quickly over powered her faux-boyfriend. Who then changed into herself. Still Britanny prevailed. Only then did this being calling itself a Rakshasa show it's natural form. We finally got to meet Genn. Having no specific gender it was appearing as a gender neutral being. Genn explained that he had been trapped in these ruins for eons. Afraid to try and escape due to the numerous traps. He knew to take on the role of her boyfriend by using his ESP. He wouldn't of really harmed her. The Rakshasa feast not of flesh and blood, but on ethereal forces that humans and demihumans posses. Without any targets for so long he had used a mystical fountain to keep himself alive, but always felt hungry. The attack was due to his own impatience and hunger. Once it was clear that Genn was no longer a threat. Britanny decided to trust him. Genn tried offering Britanny a more pleasureable way for him to feast on her ethereal energy, but she shot him down.

    Britanny brought Genn along and introduced him to her sister Gina. Almost immediately Genn started flooding Gina with praise before Britanny bopped him in the head. Genn was able to lead Gina to the treasure room they had come for, but they had already learned from the device called the Historian that all the treasure had been removed around two thousand years ago. All that was left was a single brass armlet. Genn was safe, outside the treasure vault, as the Bad Luck curse waved over the Digger sisters for grabbing that left over armlet. The bad luck would start small, but would gradually increase until the both of them were dead.

    The next morning Genn and Gina were working on a way to get out of this trap infected ruin. Genn's contribution was a map, pointing out all the corridors, rooms, and traps, drawn with magic over the floor. Britanny had noticed that one area of the map was lacking a sign of any real traps. Genn warned the sisters that area was guarded by a ferocious demon, that is five inches long. Ignoring his warnings the sisters decided to take that route anyways.

    During the fight with the evil mouse demon Genn did his best to either stay out of the way of the Digger sisters' bad luck, or help by using levitation and telekinesis. When they were all able to finally escape the tomb they met up with General Akbar's forces. The Diggers girls were about to be captured, but Genn distracted the troops with the body of an extremely buxom woman. This action allowed Gina and Britanny the time they needed to escape. Once Gina learned that Genn could turn into a buff man. Genn had to get Britanny to pull her sister off of him.

    Birth of Grave Digger

    Once in the United States and the Diggers home. Gina asked Genn to join her in the hot tub, but he seemed hesitant. Britanny, curious about his lack of enthusiasm, asked why he was so aggressive with her though suddenly changed when it comes to Gina. Genn simply stated that for Britanny he could change into her boyfriend to make her happy. Using his ESP, Genn could see that Gina was looking for a 'marathon'. After negociating Gina down to the idea of a 'Ten-K run'. Genn agreed, providing he could feast on her ethereal energy afterward. As Gina and Britanny engaged in some sisterly banter about who tends to walk in on who during private times. Genn inadvertently gave Gina an idea to trick the Bad Luck curse into leaving them.

    This idea was what brought about the birth of Grave Digger, a merged clone of Gina and Britanny. The plan was that by scanning their genetic structure into one of Gina machines. They could get the curse to no longer see them, and thus pass into the genetic copy that was made. The plan had worked, but the meer act of removing the curse let out such powerful energies that it knocked out everyone in the room. Once all were awake they met this being that shared both Gina and Britanny's appearance. She called both of them"mother", and promised that if they would both step back into the genetic tubes she could enhance both the them. The way she claims to have both of their strengths in one form, but Genn's ESP saw through her deception. This creature had no love in her heart. Only the urge to kill. Once she knew her plans were foiled she knocked Genn out, and proceeded to try and kill her mothers. She had no intention of killing Genn. Gina's libido within her still desired his masculine form.

    Genn was unconscious, but not seriously harmed as Gina and Britanny fought with the being now calling herself Grave Digger. Once awake, Britanny was gone, and the fight was well over. Theodore Diggers, the girls' father, had arrived before anyone was seriously harmed and was able to remove the curse. Grave Digger was cured of her need to kill, and was adopted into the Diggers family with a new name. Brianna. Genn found that her new friend Brianna was still very interested in getting to know him better.

    Life with the Diggers

    Genn - GD#101 cover
    Genn - GD#101 cover

    Brianna quickly became Genn's best friend and primary source of ethereal energy, as friends 'with benefits.' In part this was because both had their eyes on other people who were at the time out of reach, and Genn helped Brianna get over her unrequited love of Stripe, while Brianna helped encourage Genn in Genn's own relationship.

    Genn expressed a romantic interest in Seance and began spending more time in female form. After some courtship Genn and Seance went out on a date. At the end, Seance admitted that he still wanted Gina. Genn ran from the car crying where she saw Madrid. She promised Genn that if she helped her with her plan. Madrid promise Genn that she could have Seance for herself. Heartbroken, Genn reluctantly agreed, but quickly started having second thoughts. After Madrid was foiled in the end. Seance and Genn talked. He realized that Gina's only real love is her work, and he was blind to realize that there was someone always there caring for him. Genn and Seance embraced then kiss.

    The next time Genn was seen was several years later. Still involved with Seance and now married, Genn had chosen to adopt a permanently female from, and the two were happily together. Though Genn's powers do occasionally create some embarrassment, as while Genn is permanently female, she still shape-shifts whenever she copies someone else's powers, resulting in a female version of the target. Seance finds it a bit weird to fight alongside his wife when she's in a female version of his body.

    Britanny will refer to Genn as "Little Buddy" during their fishing trips. Genn won't tolerate it anywhere but on the boat.

    Though no longer sharing a mutual romantic interest, Brianna is still Genn's best friend and the two are often partners in crime.

    Powers and Abilities

    Natural Abilities

    Gender Shifting

    Genn's species has no specific gender and can change between physical sexes at will. The form they take is up to the individual preferences of each being, and they can switch between sexes without much effort. Some of her kind choose to take on a gender neutral body, as Genn often did to conserve energy. Genn's three forms were of a highly muscled male, often used for physical tasks or defense in addition to dealing with female targets, a busty female, and a small neutral form. Genn voluntarily gave up the ability to change between sexes when she chose to stay with Seance.

    Shape Shifting

    Genn's species can also take on the form of other people and even animals such as birds and griffons, and she can mimic the powers and abilities of the person she impersonates. This still doesn't make up for the lack of training and skill that the natural owner has if using an unfamiliar form, but due to the variety of abilities it can grant, it serves as Genn's primary tool in a fight. The more ether Genn has, the more she can make use of this ability, and larger forms and greater changes consume more energy.


    Genn's species can read the minds of others. Out of courtesy, she won't pick into the minds of her friends without good cause. In combination with her shape shifting powers. This does allow Genn to dig into thoughts to find people the target knows and take their form. This comes in handy for her kind so they can seduce a person and eventually feast on their ethereal force. This power could also be used to find and take on the form of a target's greatest opponent, learn of moves they're weak to (if they are thinking of it), or distract simple minded army to chase after a buxom beauty.

    Ethereal Drain

    The Rakshasa species, while able to eat solid food, feast most on the ethereal forces that are given off by all humans, werecats, and other living beings. The process can be quite ticklish and the target must remain still, otherwise the Rakshasa could loose their energy rather then gain more to feed on. To counter this the Rakshasa will either try to pleasure their targets sexually till they fall asleep, or petrify them in fear. Due to their large amounts of ether, mages are a preferred target.


    Genn has the magical powers of any mage she turns into, most commonly those of her mate Seance, in addition to Genn's own innate shapeshifting, ESP, and draining abilities.

    Map Making

    Using simple magics, Genn can often times draw maps or other designs onto any surface. This came in handy for her first appearance in the tomb she had been trapped within. Since she knew where mos of the traps were. The map she drew assisted the Diggers sisters in the escape of all of them.


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