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    Shipwrecked on a deserted island with nothing but his brains and 734 books John “Johnny” Jones passed his time building devices to make living on the island more bearable and absorbing the knowledge in those books. After learning everything there was to know from them he burned them to attract a rare passing ship and returned to America.

    There he made a living by putting on a tuxedo, billing himself as The Answer Man and for 10 cents a question answering any question put to him.

    Sometimes however the only way to answer the question was to put on his purple and yellow costume and take action against various villains, it was during these forays that he became known as Genius Jones.

    Never growing larger than a child Jones developed a number of elaborate gadgets and contraptions to help him on his cases, he also put together a fantastically well-equipped laboratory which he kept in the back of an old convertible. Jones made no effort to hide who he was, and was sometimes aided by a “sidekick” known only as Mr. Oldster.

    While the first superhero to charge for his efforts Jones never reached the heights of notoriety that others did, and by 1947 faded from the scene.

    However this was not the end of Genius Jones as a still hail, hearty, youthful and very short Genius Jones was found being held by the Nazi Primate Patrol in the French Alps by Doctor Terry Thirteen, freed, Jones joined Dr. Thirteen and his daughter, along with Infectious Lass, Anthro, the ghost of J.E.B. Stuart, I Vampire and Julius of The Primate Patrol in an attempt to find and persuade a group of people known to them only as Les Architectes or The Architects from rewriting reality and at the same time erasing them from that reality. The group minus 13 continued to chase Black Manta who had kidnapped Captain Fear. They were able to talk the Architect's to not write them out.

    Jones was still apparently only a human, however he was a human who was aware that he was character in a comic book.


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