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    A 26-year-old New York City fashion designer who later become Young God.

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    At Odin's command, Heimdall rescued the artist, Jason Kimbal from a team of gun-happy loan-sharks led by a gangster known as Baker. Heimdall and another Asgardian Kamorr would escort Kimbal to their Asgardian ship, however they would unintentionally led him to the place where Thor was confronting Ego-Prime who was about to transform the world into another living planet like Ego. His energy was absorbed into Kimbal and two others, Carter Dyam and Chi Lo, transforming them into a new generation of gods. Jason Kimbal would become Genii. Dyam would become Bright Sword. Chi Lo would become Harvest. After the battle the three new Young Gods would get to met Odin and stay in Asgard for a time. The Warriors Three, Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun would come to find the three Young Gods for their true purpose, but the six would be attacked by the great dragon Fafnir. The combined power of the Warriors and Young Gods would overwhelm the mythical beast, defeating it. Genii would join Bright Sword and Harvest to be assembled among 9 other selectively chosen humans to be offered to the Celestials as humanity's great potential. The group would collectively be known as the Young Gods.


    Genii is a Marvel comic book character, closely tied to and associated with the Young Gods team. Created by Gerry Conway, John Buscema, and Vince Colletta the character first appears in Thor #202 released in 1972. The character would meet the rest of the Young Gods in Thor #300 released in 1980 and receive further development in Spectacular Spider-Man #8 released in 1998.

    Character Evolution

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    A member of the Young Gods, the concept of the character follows ordinary humans plucked from various places on Earth from different times, empowered to become a new generation of gods. Genii was the first Young God to make an appearance, initially appearing in Thor #202, with the majority of the other Young God characters, Bright Sword from Israel, Caduceus from Chicago, Calculus from India, Daydreamer from Canada, Genii, Harvest from Japan, Highnote from Colombia, Mindsinger from Russia, Moonstalker from Alaska, Sea Witch from Ireland, Splice from Africa, and Varua from Ruk Island appearing in Thor #300.

    Major Story Arcs

    Return to Earth

    The Young Gods aboard the Celestial Mothership would be divided into two groups to be taught by two different mentors. Katos who favored defensive combat and Juniper who would favor offensive combat. Genii would belong to the group mentored and tutored by Katos.

    Genii as well as the rest of the Young Gods taught by Katos decided to stop the aggressive actions taken by their brethren who were taught by Juniper attempting to destroy the High Evolutionary. Since Genii had disputed with this course of action, he and his fellow students followed their peers to Earth. The two groups of Young Gods would clash in physical confrontation. However when Daydreamer would attempt to subdue Calculus by projecting psychically into his brain, she would injure him more than she had meant to, seriously incapacitating him. Juniper's Young Gods students would stand down after that incident bringing the conflict to an end. Caduceus would use his restorative healing powers to heal Calculus.

    War with the Eternals

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    After years of waiting on the silent and unmoving Celestials for a sign, the Young Gods go mad and descend into deviant behavior for the hopes of even the slightest acknowledgement. They then decide that the Celestials must wish for them to use their powers and act on their own. Upon deciding this, the group left the Celestials' spacecraft and returned to Earth, where they intended to use the consciousness of all humans on the planet to create a new Celestial. They decide to start with the island nation of Madripoor and extend outwards.

    Upon learning of this, the Eternals, who were unaffected by the Young Gods' power to drain consciousness, encountered and attempted to stop them. Eventually, the Eternals convince Varua that the Celestials may have been testing them with their silence and coming to Earth may be the wrong choice. While Varua hesitates to ponder the possibility of being wrong, she is killed and Genii and the other Young Gods who had not been killed during battle with the Eternals immediately fall to the ground, seemingly dead.

    Characteristics and Appearance

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black (Shaved Bald)

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Identity: Secret Identity

    Occupation: Former fashion designer

    Citizenship: United States American

    Marital Status: Single

    Base Of Operations: Earth-616, The Celestials' mother-ship, formerly Harlem New York, United States of America

    Relatives: None known

    Powers and Abilities

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    Genii has the power to manipulate his life force in order to animate inanimate objects. He can then control and direct these inanimate objects brought to life infused with his life essence. This ability is limited however by Genii's life force reserves.

    Through the genetic engineered gifts granted him Genii has mutated human physical condition. He is imbued with a high degree of strength, speed, endurance, physical resistance, agility, and reflexes possessed are considered superhuman. He can exert herself at maximum effort for far longer than most humans can endure.


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