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GeNext is the name given to the rag tag team of adolescents who have banded together to sand up for each other.
The team is never officially named in its ten issues and two mini-series of  appearance though. The team is more unconventional in some respects than the X-men. All the characters fit a particular mold or requirement of a team/X-Men book but their motivations are very different.
In the first series they debuted in they were simply friends looking for the runaway mutant No-Name after she mysteriously disappeared. Only one member really has any heroic intentions;Pavel, and by the second series they are given a choice as to what they want to do with their lives which is very different than any x-men team before as hey were always gathered to try to promote peaceful coexistence and battle evil mutants. 
The core team has remained the same throughout both series with minor characters helping out occasionally.


Every member of the team is a minor and current student of the Xavier Institute for higher learning.

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