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Little is known about Genevieve. A skilled tracker, she became a bounty hunter. At some point she began encountering iterations of Cress, and fell in love with her. Learning that there were Cresses on every world and at every point in time she began engaging in a relationship with every Cress she encountered, until they realized what she was up to. She later came across the House of Mystery.


Genevieve was created by Lilah Sturges and Luca Rossi. She made her first appearance in House of Mystery #12.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

A regular at the House of Mystery, Genevieve becomes trapped in the House when it is transported to the Space Between. During this time she successfully convinces the House's version of Cress to enter a relationship with her. Later, she joins Cress in travelling back in time to pluck Poet out of the timestream, and is responsible for knocking him out so they can kidnap him. When Cress is finally freed of the House, Genevieve settles down with her, and they open a detective agency specialising in finding lost children.

Powers and Abilities

Genevieve is an exceptionally skilled tracker who is able to latch onto the scent of whatever she is hunting and locate it, wherever it is. She is apparently able to walk between worlds by crossing through doors, though how this is achieved is unknown. She is a competent fighter.


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