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The daughter of the wealthy Pitt banking family, Genevieve married real estate mogul George Lawton, with whom she had two sons, Edward and Floyd, towards whom she was abusive. Growing to hate her husband, she convinced Floyd to try to kill him. Following the failed assassination attempt, during which Edward was killed by Floyd, she disowned her remaining son and stayed with her husband.


Genevieve Lawton was created by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, and Luke McDonnell. She made her first appearance in Deadshot #1.

Character Evolution

Modern Age

In the Modern Age, Genevieve convinced Edward to try to kill George, while Floyd refused. Following the failed assassination attempt, Genevieve was exiled by her husband to live in a small house on the property with a meagre income.

New 52

The New 52 introduced her slightly altered origin.

Major Story Arcs


Twenty years after the failed attempt on her husband's life she plots to force Floyd, now the assassin Deadshot, to finally carry it out. To this end she has his son Eddie kidnapped by a group of criminals. While Deadshot attempts to track down his son, Genevieve is visited by Marnie Herrs, a psychiatrist who has become obsessed with understanding Deadshot's past. She gives a version of the assassination that places the blame on Floyd, but is contradicted when Floyd arrives. He attempts to kill her as revenge for her machinations and the recent death of his son Eddie, but is stopped by Herrs. Instead she is shot in the spine, losing the ability to walk.

Most Wanted

Genevieve sits by her husband's deathbed when they are approached by Floyd, whom she believed to be dead. She prevents him from killing her husband, and berates him for failing to kill George and killing Edward instead. She is shot in the head and killed by Floyd.

Powers and Abilities

Genevieve is a normal human being and has no known superhuman powers or abilities. She is notably ruthless and conniving. She claims to be an excellent shot like her son; it is unclear if this is true.

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